MEET Bracknell's most notorious furry thief who has been stealing socks and bras from neighbours during lockdown.

Jess the mischievous moggy has been delving into her neighbours washing for the past year, collecting dozens of socks along her way.

The six-year-old cat burglar often returns home with a 'face full of socks' and 'bras' proudly displaying them on her owner's front doorstep.

Her owner Steph Crane said: "She’s always been a sock (and bra) fiend from tiny.

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"Our socks always go astray at home and found elsewhere along with my balls of wool and small knitted toys I make. I even made her own knitted mouse which helped for a while.

Bracknell News:

"It’s only been the last year or so when she’s started bringing other people’s socks home. We caught her coming out of next doors bedroom window at the beginning of spring with a pair and for about a week probably had one or two pairs a day. I knocked next door and owned up to them and since then they’ve had their windows permanently closed! In this weather. I feel so bad!"

Last week, the curious cat snuck into a neighbours home stealing three pairs of socks whilst Steph's son was looking after her.

Mrs Crane then had to return the socks to her next door neighbour and apologise.

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She added: "Whilst my husband and I were away last week, my son sent me a photo of three pairs of socks brought back within 24 hours. She was back on it again! The thing is, the next doors windows were closed hence the post because where was she going now?

Bracknell News:

"After that post, I got a private message from next door neighbour saying she thought they were hers so I dropped them back and apologised. They’d been on holiday too and just got back so she must’ve snuck in somehow... It’s all gone quiet again for now.

"The whole street know her and her crazy ways including walking through the neighbour opposite to get to their back garden despite their dog being there.

Steph shared a post on her community Facebook page apologising to neighbours in the Nutley area for their socks disappearing.

Hundreds of people have liked her post, leaving positive comments and sharing stories of how their cat likes to steal socks too.

One person even suggested that her cat Jess might be in a nesting period and is pining for babies.

However, Steph said: "Some comments were that she was pining for babies of her own but she’s done that. Think she’s happier with her sock babies. I’m surprised she’s not stolen my grand baby’s socks.

Since the ordeal, Steph has had to leave an amnesty crate outside her house so people can collect their socks.

Adding: "Do not let this minx anywhere near your washing!"