THOUSANDS of passengers fly in and out of Heathrow Airport every day proving to be one of the UK's largest and busiest airports in Europe.

Many people in Berkshire use the airport with it being only 20 minutes away from Slough and Maidenhead and 40 minutes at most from Reading (depending on M25 traffic).

It has an overall rating of 4.0 stars on Google receiving more than 20,000 reviews, with many of the latest left praising the airport for its Covid measures and service.

However, not everyone has been impressed when they have visited the airport, with harsh critics slamming it for a variety of reasons.

One of the biggest problems seems to be long queues at the border control with some passengers experiencing waiting times of more than 'two hours'.

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When all you want to do is get home when you land, standing in slow queues just tops off the whole experience.

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So here are some of the 1-star reviews left for the airport on Google, and why critics felt it worthy of the lowest rating:

1. One reviewer said: "I, along with others, waited for four hours to get through passport control."

"No attempt was made to apply social distancing. People were crowded together. But, the whole point of this exercise was to prevent the transfer of the virus. I suspect that many may have been infected by that absolutely and astonishingly bad management of the Arriving passengers at the border control of Terminal Two."

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2. Another criticised the fact he had to watch the final England game on his phone.

"Normally love Heathrow but you have bars in T2 that advertise "we show Sports" but don't have Sky Sports access, having to watch final Lions game on my phone.

"Poor show Heathrow."

3. The smell of sanitiser was all too much for one passenger, according to Google Reviews.

They said: "Between the smell of sanitizers that smelt like raw ethanol and perfumes from the duty free shops, I felt trapped and needing fresh air.

"Cleaners walked around clutching sanitizer spray in one hand and industrial cleaning rolls." 4. "I would give zero stars if i could.", said one reviewer.

My friends and I arrived for our flight 45 minutes before departure and a white, blonde lady would not let us board because we arrived at 2pm.

"2pm was still enough time between the 45 minute mark and the employee was so rude to us. Rolling her eyes and having an attitude not letting us board our flight. It was only the three of us that needed to board and she didn’t even offer another way or another flight to get back home. We were almost stranded because of this airport and i will NEVER be returning to the UK because of this."

Even though not everyone is a fan of Heathrow Airport, thankfully there are many people who are.

It has received 12 five-star reviews in the past month alone, suggesting it gets a lot more things right than wrong.

One five-star reviewer summed it up by writing: “Humongous but still the most charming airport in the world!

"Never seen so much hugs and kisses anywhere else. So much love!"