Despite being a relatively young town, BRACKNELL has its fair share of iconic buildings.

Bracknell as we know it was formed when it became a ‘New Town’ in 1949, but prior to that it was a hamlet, and later, a small village.

Like so many other places, the town was formed out of existing villages, incorporating ‘Old’ Bracknell itself and Easthampstead, Bullbrook, Priestwood and Harmans Water.

As ‘young’ as it may be, the town is still well endowed with iconic buildings which have been listed to protect them.

Listed buildings are designated as those which have historic, heritage and special interest. 

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It means that there are more controls on what can be done to them.

Any works or additions have to be deemed by planning officers or councillors to be sympathetic to the original building.

Many of the buildings that are listed in Bracknell Forest are private houses. However, some of them are historic churches, pubs or stately homes, all of which can be entered.

So, here are the listed buildings in Bracknell which you can actually visit:

South Hill Park 

Bracknell News: South Hill Park. Credit: Berkshire Film OfficeSouth Hill Park. Credit: Berkshire Film Office

The iconic South Hill Park is the arts and theatre hub of Bracknell.

It was built in  1760 for William Watts, as a retirement residence after his career as a senior officer in the Bengal government during the colonial era.

Its other esteemed owner was George Canning a Conservative politician who was once Prime Minister and is also the most searched person in Bracknell according to The Pudding People Map of the UK.

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South Hill Park had a series of other wealthy owners until it was converted into a hospital and offices in the 1930s.

Since then, it has become a public stately home and ground with a theatre that was built in the 1980s.

Recently, the arts centre at South Hill Park has faced difficulties after Bracknell Forest Council’s executive committee refused to underwrite the South Hill Park Trust’s pension scheme.

Easthampstead Park

Bracknell News: Easthampstead ParkEasthampstead Park

Easthampstead Park is a stately home which has previously served as a college and a place of education.

After that, it became a park and conference centre under the control of Bracknell Forest Council. It was a popular destination for the Dubs at the Park event, which involves members of the London & Thames Valley VW Club showing off their cars in the grounds of the house.

In 2018, it was turned into a hotel run by Active Hospitality.

Old Manor 

Bracknell News: The Old Manor in Grenville Place, Bracknell. The Old Manor in Grenville Place, Bracknell.

The Old Manor is a much-loved pub with an intriguing history.

According to reports, the pub was once used by highwaymen to escape from authorities.

The building was also used by priests as a place of refuge.

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The Old Manor has a priest hole, which is still visible, which allowed priests who were fleeing persecution to hide.

It served as a private residence until the 1930s, and later became a public house.

Now owned and run by JD Wetherspoon, The Old Manor was formerly known as the Stable Bar.

The Horse and Groom 

Bracknell News: The Horse and Groom in Bagshot Road, Bracknell. Credit: Google MapsThe Horse and Groom in Bagshot Road, Bracknell. Credit: Google Maps

The Horse and Groom in Bagshot Road, Bracknell, started out life as a cottage.

Owner records stretch back to 1841, with the last owner recorded as G E Leader in 1956-58.

It is now run as a Harvester family restaurant. The Harvester brand it itself is owned by Mitchells & Butlers, which runs around 1,784 pubs, bars and restaurants in the UK.

Holy Trinity Church 

Bracknell News: Holy Trinity Church. Picture: Google MapsHoly Trinity Church. Picture: Google Maps

Holy Trinity Church is one of the oldest churches in Bracknell. Finished in 1851, it was built to pre-empt the rapid growth of the town in the following years.

The church is located in Bracknell town centre itself.

The Holy Trinity Church has been under Church of England since it was established.

The Bull Inn

Bracknell News: The Bull Inn, Bracknell, Grade II listed pub. Credit: Google MapsThe Bull Inn, Bracknell, Grade II listed pub. Credit: Google Maps

Another town centre building, The Bull Inn has been a popular pub in the town for decades.

The Historic England website states the pub dates back to the 1400s, formerly serving as a hall house before it was turned into a public house.

In 2017, it was given a modern extension which increased its capacity. You can see the extension in the gallery above.

Church of St Michael and St Mary Magdalene

Bracknell News: St Michael and St Mary Magdalene Church, Easthampstead. Credit: Tim Sneller - Public Domain Wikimedia CommonsSt Michael and St Mary Magdalene Church, Easthampstead. Credit: Tim Sneller - Public Domain Wikimedia Commons

The Church of St Michael and St Mary Magdalene in Easthampstead is one of the oldest churches in Bracknell and has one of the biggest parishes in England.

The church was built in 1866-7, way prior to the New Town designation, and served as a religious hub for the people of Easthampstead.

Inside, it has some notable features, such as a beautifully styled cherub and a stained glass window of The Last Judgement.

All the buildings featured are Grade II listed.