COUNCILLORS are urging residents to donate funds to Wokingham's sister town in Germany after the flooding has devastated the area.

Erftstadt, A German town which has been twinned with Wokingham since 1977, has been particularly affected by the recent floods across the country.

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Wokingham Town Council released a plea to help the German town earlier this week, stating that the area is being provided with immediate aid and supplies, however there is still significant repair work to the town that is still required.

Town Mayor Cllr Tony Lack says: "As Town Mayor, I am writing to Carolin Weitzelk, Mayor of Erftstadt, to offer our support, our love and our condolences from the people of Wokingham.

"I know many of you are desperately wondering what we can do to help so I am pleased that we now have this information to share with you.

"I have been moved by how our community has reached out to others on this matter; thank you to everyone who has been in touch to show your concern and to those of you who are including those affected in your prayers of hope."

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So far, the international appeal to raise funds for the people of Erftstadt has amassed a total of €61,874 out of a €100,000 goal (£53,517.84 out of a £86,494.88 goal).

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