A Bracknell politician who resigned from the Conservatives has reacted after being booted from his responsibilities.

Councillor Malcolm Tullett resigned from the Bracknell Forest Council Conservatives earlier this month, citing being unable to ‘properly represent’ residents within the Conservative party whip as part of his resignation.

At a meeting of the full council he was booted from his committee appointments, including his role as chairman of the Wellbeing and Finance Overview and Scrutiny Panel.

Cllr Tullett was enjoying a holiday on the Shetland Islands while the meeting took place.

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In his resignation, he expressed a hope that he could remain in the Conservative group on Bracknell Town Council.

However, he was subsequently booted from the Town Council Conservative group by its leader, Cllr Chris Turrell.

Reacting to the fallout from his departure, Cllr Tullett said: “As stated, I had hoped to have remained a member of the Conservative Group at Bracknell Town Council, which is totally separate to Bracknell Forest Borough Council, with completely different responsibilities.

“Unfortunately, due to a working holiday, booked many weeks ago and well before the meeting that voted to ‘void’ my group membership, I was unable to attend, as the remoteness of my location, in the Shetlands, meant that I could not connect to the internet.

Bracknell News: Councillor Malcolm Tullett, Independent Conservative representative for Old Bracknell. Credit: Bracknell Forest CouncilCouncillor Malcolm Tullett, Independent Conservative representative for Old Bracknell. Credit: Bracknell Forest Council

“I have, therefore and as soon as I returned home, sought clarification from the Bracknell Town Council leader Cllr Chris Turrell, he has already stated, previously, that I have done nothing wrong and in fact, have performed my duties to the highest standards, as a Conservative councillor.

“I am disappointed, therefore, that with my membership being made ‘void’, I will now be unable to continue on those committees where I have served, some of which as chairman. However, I remain totally committed to serving the residents as an elected Conservative councillor and a proud member of the Conservative Party.”

Cllr Tullett now stands as an Independent Conservative on Bracknell Forest Council, and is listed as an Independent on the Bracknell Town Council website.

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He was removed from eight committees during the full council meeting, but will retain his position on the Governance and Audit Committee, the Licensing and Safety Committee, and the newly created Climate Change Advisory Panel.

On Cllr Tullett’s removal from the Town Council Conservatives, Cllr Turrell previously said: “The Bracknell Town Council Conservative group met to consider this issue. The group’s view is that membership of one council’s Conservative group but not the other, would be inconsistent and give rise to confusion.  The group therefore voted to declare the group membership of Cllr Malcolm Tullett void. So he is no longer a Conservative councillor.”

It is understood that Cllr Tullett retains his membership of the wider Conservative Party.