Bracknell has recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in six months just as the country marks ‘Freedom Day’.

According to the latest figures, the infection rate, which is the number of coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, stood at 370.5 in Bracknell Forest.

That is the highest the infection rate has been since January 19, when it stood at 364.8 cases.

That makes the current infection rate the highest it has been in six months.

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This comes as the Government has pressed ahead with ‘Freedom Day’, which has meant the removal of all restrictions, with life being restored to ‘normal’ as it was prior to the onset of the pandemic.

That means no more ‘rule of six’ – the limitations on how many people can meet socially indoors, no limit on the size of events, and mandatory mask requirements are no longer being made mandatory by government.

Locally, the number of people testing positive for coronavirus is rising in the Bracknell and Wokingham areas, although a majority of adults have now received their second vaccine dose in both areas.

The latest covid-19 cases figures are recorded for the seven days up to Tuesday, July 13.

In Bracknell Forest, 454 coronavirus cases were recorded during that week period, up 197 on the previous week. Meanwhile, in Wokingham, 397 cases were recorded during the same period, with an increase of 160 cases on the previous seven days.

Statistics for infections are also broken down into hyperlocal areas known as as Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs).

Below are the three areas with the highest and lowest number of cases in Bracknell Forest and Wokingham Borough for the seven days leading to July 13, according to the interactive coronavirus map. The infection rate per 100,000 is in brackets:

Areas of Bracknell Forest with the highest number of cases

Bullbrook – 59 cases (578.2)

Great Hollands – 51 cases (431.6)

Binfield & Popeswood – 46 cases ( 446.3)

Areas of Bracknell Forest with the lowest number of cases (descending)

Winkfield & Cranbourne (341.2)

Crowthorne South - 13 cases (179.0)

Hanworth West - 11 cases (161.1)

Areas of Wokingham Borough with the highest number of cases

Shinfield – 29 cases (235.0)

Lower Earley North – 28 cases (276.0)

Finchampstead – 27 cases (269.9)

Areas of Wokingham Borough with the lowest number of cases (descending)

Winnersh – 17 cases (164.4)

South Lake – 15 cases (172.0)

Wokingham West and South – 14 cases (159.1)

These figures have been taken from the Government’s interactive coronavirus map.

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It also tracks the percentage of the adult population that has been vaccinated-This is according to figures up to and including Sunday, July 18,

Bracknell Forest

First dose: 82.6 per cent   Second dose: 62.4 per cent

Wokingham Borough 

First dose: 84.9 per cent Second dose: 65.7 per cent

Here are the areas of Bracknell Forest and Wokingham Borough with the highest and lowest number of adults vaccinated:

Areas of Bracknell Forest with highest number of vaccinations 

Crowthorne South: – first dose: 87.4 per cent; second dose: 69.0 per cent

Winkfield & Cranbourne – first dose: 87.3 per cent; second dose: 73.3 per cent

Sandhurst – first dose: 87.3 per cent; second dose: 69.7 per cent

Areas of Bracknell Forest with lowest number of vaccinations (descending)

Priestwood – first dose: 78.3 per cent; second dose: 58.0 per cent

Central Bracknell & Wildridings – first dose: 77.6 per cent; second dose: 54.2 per cent

Bullbrook – first dose: 76 per cent; second dose: 53.5 per cent

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Areas of Wokingham Borough with highest number of vaccinations

Finchampstead – first dose: 89.8 per cent; second dose: 72.5 per cent

Barkham & Woosehill – first dose: 89.6 per cent; second dose: 71.1 per cent

Crowthorne North – first dose: 86.4 per cent ; second dose: 70.6 per cent

Areas of Wokingham Borough with lowest number of vaccinations (descending)

Arborfield & Garrison – first dose: 83.3 per cent; second dose: 62.3 per cent

Shinfield – first dose: 80.6 per cent; second dose: 58.5 per cent

Lower Earley North – first dose: 75.9 per cent; second dose: 55.6 per cent

More up to date statistics for the number of cases and deaths are kept on the Public Health for Berkshire coronavirus dashboard.

So far in Bracknell Forest, 8,830 people have tested positive for coronavirus as of Saturday, July 17. Sadly, 190 people have died after testing positive for coronavirus in Bracknell Forest, according to the latest data up to Friday, July 2.

Over the same dates, a total of 10,137 have tested positive in Wokingham Borough and sadly 320 people have died after a positive test.