A CAFE in Crowthorne has gone back to takeaway service only after a number of staff members were pinged from the NHS app to self-isolate.

The owner of Two Sisters Cafe in the High Street issued a statement on the business' Facebook page informing customers of the situation.

The cafe will operate as a takeaway service only with a few tables outside for seating.

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Two Sister's cafe made the statement on Sunday, July 18, explaining how their small business has been 'hit by the increasing numbers of Covid'.

Several members of staff are now self-isolating, as a result.

The statement said: "It won’t come as a surprise to you that unfortunately our small business has been hit by the increasing numbers of COVID. We have had an amazing run, and until now, and not had to close - and we hope we won't have too either!

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However, several of the team are now self-isolating and that means I need to make some changes.

From tomorrow for the next 2 weeks, in order to continue trading we are going back to operating from the door. We will be offering a Take Away Service only – with just a few, self-clear seats outside."

The cafe will only be using takeaway packaging and will be changing its hours to 9am to 2pm.

Customers have been asked to continue wearing face coverings and/or visors to keep staff and other visitors safe.

Kathryn Pierce said: "The most important thing to me as a business owner is to keep my staff team safe. I need to ensure that my team feel safe at work. It has been a tough time over the past year, and this is just another obstacle we will get over.

"We will be constantly reviewing what we are doing, and fingers crossed we can stay open."

Adding: "Thank you for your support and patience, we know that being part of such a great community we will have your understanding."

Correction: We originally published the article with the headline that the cafe was closing but this is not the case at all. The cafe will be open but providing a takeaway-only service. We apologise for any grievance this has caused.