CAR cruisers gathered at a supermarket car park over the weekend causing disruption to customers.

On Saturday, July 17 at 9.30pm, car enthusiasts met up at the Sainsbury's car park in Bagshot Road, Bracknell.

Thames Valley Police and officers from Roads Policing attended 'moving' the group on elsewhere.

The car cruisers left the car park within half an hour after causing 'nuisance' to members of the community.

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Police informed residents about the car meet and the work they carried out.

They said: "Officers engaged and carried out high visibility patrols in order to prevent offences.

"We understand that these types of events cause noise nuisance to our communities.

"Due to our attendance, the group moved on within approximately half an hour."

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A car meet or car cruise is where a number of car enthusiasts gather to exhibit their cars by meeting in car parks.

Whilst cruising in itself is not illegal, many of the cars involved can end up carrying out offences whilst taking part in the cruise, such as speeding, handbrake turns or more commonly known as 'doughnuts'.

Dozens of residents reacted to the social media post on Saturday evening. 

One said: “Well done! However you still need to stop the racing that takes place between The Hanworth Roundabout and The Golden Retriever Roundabout! 

“It wakes my children every night (warm dry weather) between 7:30pm-10:00pm.”

A second said: “About time it's been happening for years.”

However, others said more needed to be done to combat the issue -- including Bracknell MP James Sunderland. 

In a tweet, he said: “Thank you TVP but more needs to be done in Bracknell to curb anti-social driving, speeding on our roads and excessive exhaust noise. 

“Residents are sick of it. I will be meeting the PCC [Police and Crime Commissioner], TVP [Thames Valley Police] and BFC [Bracknell Forest Council] to push for new local initiatives.”

One resident -- one who has told the News about the problems his family has faced over the past few months -- said local police need to focus on more than just one area.

Preferring to remain anonymous, he said: “The police seem to be making out it was a proactive exercise!

“The police are not tackling the problem, last night [July 18] we had a motorbike or two racing up and down somewhere (either the A322 or the Hungry Horse dual carriageway) which went on for at least an hour so not sure where these police were during that time.

“By appeasing these groups they are encouraging modified cars which then leads to noise disturbances which then leads to racing and speeding.”

A third person on Facebook said: “They moved on within half an hour haha don't make me laugh. They kept us all awake for closer to 2 hours! If the police were all at Sainsbury’s how exactly did you not hear them racing up and down the Bagshot Road and skidding round the lights? It happens most weekends. It's time you guys were out pulling up these sorts of people.”