CORONAVIRUS conspiracies published in a newspaper distributed around Bracknell will be investigated, the council has said.

Bracknell Forest Council and Public Health said they will aim to debunk any Covid-19 myths in order to keep communities 'as safe as possible'.

It comes after a conspiracy theory newspaper called The Light was posted through a residents letterbox last week.

The woman who lives in Juniper, Birch Hill, believes other neighbours also received a copy of the 'dangerous' newspaper.

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Inside, the newspaper mentions how vaccines have caused "mass NHS sickness" and how the government is controlling people through the vaccines.

The self-published newspaper sent out its first issue in September drawing heavily on conspiracy theories about a new world order, which have attached themselves to the current pandemic.

Charlotte Pavitt, consultant for Public Health, said: “The seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic should not be undermined and so we will be looking into the issue of The Light newspaper to make sure any myths are debunked in order to keep our community as safe as possible.

“Sadly, we have seen thousands of deaths across the country from COVID, with many more people needing hospitalisation and suffering from illnesses due to the virus."

According to The Guardian, The Light newspaper uses Facebook and Twitter to recruit volunteers to spread its agenda.

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As well as this, Darren Smith is the founder and editor of the paper which is distributed by volunteers around the UK who sign up to the outlet's core message that Covid-19 is not a real thing.

As such, Bracknell Forest Council is urging residents to double check the information they are reading is factual.

Adding: "We urge Bracknell Forest residents to make sure and double check that they are consuming information from credible and scientifically backed sources, including the public health matters blog on GOV.UK and the NHS website.”