AN ANTI-lockdown newspaper has been posted through a woman's door in Bracknell spreading messages about how Covid-19 is 'a hoax'.

The worried resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the Bracknell News after receiving a copy through her door last week and believes it spreads fake news to vulnerable neighbours.

She received a free copy of The Light newspaper with the headline 'What Pandemic?' comparing the number of deaths from the flu virus to people who have died from Covid-19.

She said: "The paper was delivered throughout Juniper, probably the whole area."

The newspaper mentions how vaccines have caused "mass NHS sickness" and how the government is controlling people through the vaccines.

Bracknell News:

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According to The Guardian, The Light newspaper uses Facebook and Twitter to recruit volunteers to spread its agenda.

The self-published newspaper sent out its first issue in September drawing heavily on conspiracy theories about a new world order, which have attached themselves to the current pandemic.

"Among other things it [The Light] encourages people to stop wearing masks and disobey lockdown on the basis that the coronavirus is a hoax."

According to The Guardian, Darren Smith is the founder and editor of the paper which is distributed by volunteers around the UK who sign up to the outlet's core message that Covid-19 is not a real thing.

The woman who got in touch with the News also claims anti-lockdown protestors have been gathering every Sunday in South Hill Park.

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The look, design and editorial content can also confuse people into thinking it is a real newspaper as a factual source for news and information.

It also dubs itself as the 'Truthpaper' attempting to debug facts about Covid-19 deaths and deaths linked to vaccines.

In February, the front-page headline read 'Covid Shots Kill and Injure Hundreds'.

Conspiracy theory messages are nothing new with residents in Slough recently seeing a number of anti-lockdown stickers plastered all over town.

Bracknell News:

One sticker on a lamppost in Upton Court Park read: "A genuinely deadly pandemic wouldn't require a 24/7 government and cooperate media fear-mongering campaign to make you believe it's real."

Another said: "Live in fear, it makes you easier to control."

There are concerns that this type of material could be dangerous for residents in our communities.

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