IN TODAY'S modern political landscape, petitions seem to be appearing more often than ever.

You may be wondering, however, what are the most popular petitions out there, and what kinds of petitions the people around you are spending their time on.

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According to, here are some of the key issues that Wokingham's residents are petitioning to government over:

1. Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a covid-19 vaccination

- 385/337,143 signatures

- 0.338% of constituents

2. Lower the price of the £210 Covid Home Test Kits for travellers entering the UK

- 50/30,380 signatures

- 0.044% of constituents

3. 3-day quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from amber countries

- 43/30,3639 signatures

- 0.038% of constituents

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4. Ban the sale of artificial grass

- 70/31,044 signatures

- 0.062% of constituents

5. Do not restrict our rights to peaceful protest

- 427/253,480 signatures

- 0.375% of constituents

6. Give the UK a Bank Holiday on Monday July 12th if England win Euro 2020

- 268/199,792 signatures

- 0.236% of constituents

Bracknell News:

7. Do not give consent for another Scottish Independence Referendum

- 268/112,013 signatures

- 0.236% of constituents

8. Cancel A-level and GCSE exams 2022

- 166/48,688 signatures

- 0.146% of constituents

9. Make it legal to carry non-lethal self defence weapons

- 166/33,719 signatures

- 0.146% of constituents

10. Do not cut UK higher education Arts Funding

- 45/36,588 signatures

- 0.04% of constituents

For more information, look at the interactive map at