A GIANT six feet tall Pyrenean Mountain dog from Bracknell starred on Channel 4's Big Dog Britain.

Loveable Boris has been making his owner Susan Reilly proud ever since his first appearance at Crufts, but this time the pooch has reached even more fame appearing on TV last week.

The show looked into the lives of people who own ginormous dog breeds and how they maintain their expensive lifestyles.

Boris the Pyrenean Mountain dog who lives in Bracknell dons his stunning coat with a diet of prime cuts of steak, lumps of lamb and half-hour walks with his owner.

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The award-winning canine also sits at the dining table twice a week to enjoy a proper meal.

Susan also revealed in the show that she bought Boris a £30,000 tour bus so they could compete in European dog shows.

But there's more than meets the eye with Boris as he has been a rock to great-grandmother Susan following the death of her daughter Maria Woodhouse.

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In the show, Susan said: "It's as if he's been sent from above to fill a gap that was there in my life. He came at a time when I needed something to get me up and out and give me a new lease of life."

From Irish wolfhounds to Newfoundlands, the programme revealed the sales of smaller dog breeds rising by 300 per cent during lockdown in comparison to the sale of big dogs.

Great Dane registrations are also at their lowest rate in 50 years.

You can watch the show on catch up on 4od.