A PETITION has been set up calling for a Bracknell school to abolish a ‘strict’ dress code.

More than 300 people have signed the demand for Brakenhale School to get rid of its new clothing rules.

According to the petition, students in the school’s sixth form have previously had the freedom to wear what they like to school.

But under the new rules, sixth form pupils would have to wear their own ‘formal wear’, such as shirts, ties, blazers, jumpers, cardigans and chinos from the start of the new school year in September.

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Shoe options suggested to students include low heels, boat shoes, brogues, loafers and polishable footwear.

They have also been told they will only be allowed to have ‘natural hair colours’ and ‘simple piercings’.

‘Unsuitable’ items include hoodies and sweaters, jeans, jogging bottoms, activewear, leggings, sliders, trainers and more.

An email from the school to students which has been seen by the News reads: “We are gearing you up for the world of work and this dress code is required in many professional working environments.”

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But the new policy has attracted the ire of 321 people who have opposed the plans through a petition.

A statement on the petition read: “Students who have applied to Brakenhale’s Sixth form were not made aware of a strict dress code until now.

“This dress code infringes on the freedom that we supposedly get at sixth form and as a result it forces students to wear clothing that may make them feel uncomfortable and possibly insecure.

“Additionally, for families that struggle financially this can be a great burden to them as they are now required to buy more expensive clothes for their children.

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“Please abolish or make more allowances to this dress code to give students more freedom and confidence, and to reduce the financial burden on many families.”

A spokesperson from Brakenhale School said: “The Brakenhale School has communicated directly with parents, carers and students regarding the expectations of the sixth form dress code in September.

“If any parents, carers or students have concerns, they should contact the school directly.”

In 2019, leaders at Brakenhale u-turned on a proposed 'beard ban' following a parental backlash.

Students aged 11-16 were told they would not be allowed to grow a moustache or a beard from January 2020 but the school swiftly reversed this policy following criticism.