A HAPPY couple could become enemies as England's biggest game clashes with their wedding tonight.

Sarah Bayley and her fiancée Anna Lukash from Bracknell will be tying the knot in The Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover today with their evening reception clashing with England's Euros thriller against Ukraine.

To top it off, Anna will be supporting Ukraine due to her family routes whilst Sarah will back Gareth Southgate's Three Lions team.

The hotel staff also went 'above and beyond' for their Wedding today by drilling a hole into the wall so they can wire up a TV and watch the game.

Some guests who are attending the wedding ceremony today have close ties with Ukraine and are big football supporters. 

Bracknell News: Left to right: Sarah and Anna

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Sarah spoke to the News and said: "After the football results on Tuesday's game it will basically be my family vs hers as I’m English and they are originally from Ukraine, and kick off is due to start just after we cut the cake! It's quite exciting really. I think after a few drinks a bit of rivalry could go on.

"I think the score will be 3-0 to England and Anna thinks Ukraine will take it in penalties.

"We’ve not told our guests yet, but we do have some big football fans attending so sure they will be pleased they won’t need to sneakily watch on their phones. "

The couple were lucky to have booked their wedding two years in advance on Saturday, July 3, avoiding the heartbreak of changing their date like other couples because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah described how Anna had set up a treasure hunt proposal for her.

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She said: "Anna did a treasure hunt where I had to find clues which led to us a storage thing in the garden and there was a ring inside. I thought at the time 'what is going on here, she's pulled a sneaky one!'. I was very happy, we had a competition to see who would ask first, so she won."

Sarah and Anna have also praised the wedding venue for putting up a TV to arranging their theme.

She said: "We've not had to do a lot of planning like other brides. We have a rustic theme of green and they've been brilliant in sorting everything for us. I’m amazed always at how above and beyond her and her team are.

"The ceremony will be special and magical. It doesn't feel real at all."