HUGE queues formed in Game earlier this morning for the restock of Playstation 5 consoles.

Customers flocked to the store in Bracknell town centre and "cheered" when they were told they were guaranteed to get their hands on a PS5.

Mark John, who runs Bracknell's biggest Facebook Group, got to the store at 8.45am this morning (June 21).

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He said: "There were about 15 people outside. It wasn’t easy to form a queue but everyone was socially distanced with masks. We had a good chat and when they let us in they told us everyone who was there at that point would get a PS5, which we all cheered." Many people shared their stories of how they were trying to get a Playstation 5 for "months with no success".

One boy was "brimming from ear to ear" after waiting to buy one as his Christmas present from last year.

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Mr John added: "Game Bracknell staff were friendly and helpful, including someone at the door to ensure distancing, although actually there wasn’t many people while I was there."

Residents found out about the restock through social media groups like Bracknell Gamers and on Twitter.

Various people had tweeted that Playstation 5's would be back in stock at the Game store in The Lexicon, Bracknell.

Everyone who queued this morning paid a £10 deposit and were given a ticket number with a time slot to pick up their console on the weekend.