It is looking likely that a TV series based during World War 2 WILL be filming in Swinley Forest.

Intriguing details about the TV series were revealed at a planning meeting, as the American film studio has had to apply for permission to film in the forest from Bracknell Forest Council.

The planning agent for the film studio, Janet Long, gave away the juicy details to the council’s planning committee.

She said: “Obviously I can’t give away too much, but it’s following on from a series which was filmed 10 years ago and then five years ago which were filmed in the US.”

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Explaining why Swinley Forest had been picked, Janet Long said: “This is supposed to be a Prisoner of War camp within the woods, a wooded site is very much needed. The other areas being used are former WW2 RAF bases, the head office inside the film is happening on an industrial estate in Aylesbury, there is a site in Chalfont St Giles. But this site is specific to the desire to create a wooded backdrop for a Prisoner of War camp.”

There was concern that the site would be used for more filming in the future. Councillor Michael Gbadebo (Conservative) asked: “Assuming that the TV series is successful, I’m assuming that this could get one or two more years or series is that right?”

Janet Long answered: “There’s no intention. There’s no plan for this to ever be another series in this respect, it’s not like Bridgerton or one of those, it’s very much a one-off WW2 drama, so there are no plans that it would carry on in the future.”

Later on in the meeting, Cllr Tony Virgo (CON) said: “This is the third part of a trilogy, so there will be nothing after this at all, this is it, the commission is for three series, all in all I would absolutely like to see this happen.”

Bracknell News: The filming site in Swinley Forest, located off Buttersteep Rise in AscotThe filming site in Swinley Forest, located off Buttersteep Rise in Ascot

The plan involves using a stretch of land in Swinley Forest for a 12 month period. The TV studio intends to build 15 temporary buildings with border fencing around 13 of them. Documents state the shooting would take place over a 17 week period, with the remainder of the time being used to construct and deconstruct the temporary structures.

There are residents concerns over infringement into the greenbelt and the increase in traffic as a result of the filming, which were expressed by Patrick Griffin, from the Society for the Protection of Ascot and Environs, and CPRE, the countryside charity.

Mr Griffin added that there would be”little benefit” for Bracknell Forest’s economy, because the closest amenities are located in Ascot in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and Bagshot in Surrey Heath.

This notion was disputed by Cllr Virgo, who said: “This is a very small part of the forest, and it is a working forest. The amount of money they will pour into the economy is considerable. Actors will use restaurants and hospitality, and various suppliers in the borough. The benefit is absolutely considerable.”

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The plan to film was recommended for refusal by planning officer Trevor Yerworth, but the planning committee voted by 15 to one against his recommendation.

The meeting was an advisory meeting held online. All council decisions must now be made in the council chambers, however Bracknell Forest Council has gotten around this by holding advisory meetings.

Decisions can only be made in advisory meetings if the councillors agree with the planning officers recommendations.

Because the officer’s recommendation was refused, the plan will now go to a physical planning committee meeting held next week, where it is likely to be approved.

Committee members have the power to accept, reject or amend planning officers recommendations during physical votes.