FEELING low and in need of a pick me up? The happiest places to live across Berkshire have now been revealed.

New data from the Office for National Statistics looking at personal wellbeing has shown the happiest and unhappiest areas across the county.

As part of a nationwide survey that quizzed 150,000 people, ONS has broken down the average ratings of four factors: life satisfaction, the feeling that the things are worthwhile, happiness and anxiety.

The latest data which covers between April 2019 and March 2020 shows that Slough is the joint sixth happiest place to live in the county, with an average happiness score of 7.7.

Bracknell News:

Bracknell and Windsor and Maidenhead are the unhappiest areas with an average score of 7.3 for both areas, but Wokingham also took the top spot with an average rating of 7.7 from its residents.

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Below, the News has collected the data from all six areas in the county, ranking them from happiest to unhappiest.

  1. Wokingham

Happiness: 7.7

Life Satisfaction: 7.7

Worthwhile: 8

Anxiety: 2.3

2. Slough

Happiness: 7.7

Life Satisfaction: 7.5

Worthwhile: 7.8

Anxiety: 3.6

3. Reading

Happiness: 7.6

Life Satisfaction: 7.8

Worthwhile: 7.9

Anxiety: 3.0

4.West Berkshire

Happiness: 7.5

Life Satisfaction: 7.6

Worthwhile: 7.9

Anxiety: 2.9

5. Bracknell

Happiness: 7.3

Life Satisfaction: 7.6

Worthwhile: 7.7

Anxiety: 3.1

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6. Windsor and Maidenhead

Happiness: 7.3

Life Satisfaction: 7.7

Worthwhile: 7.9

Anxiety: 2.8

People in England and Wales rated their happiness the day before at an average of 7.2 out of 10 before the pandemic.

Generally, levels of happiness have mirrored levels of restrictions - the average score jumped to 7.4 in late May ahead of planned school reopenings and other easing.