Concern is growing over a pub restaurant that hasn’t been reopened since March last year.

Residents in Earley are concerned about the status of The Earley Retreat pub in Chalfont Way, which was forced shut along with all dining venues on Monday, March 23, 2020.

The pub restaurant has not been reopened since then.

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The Earley Retreat is operated as a Sizzling pub. The Sizzling pub brand is known for its family friendliness and budget grilled meals.

The Sizzling brand is owned by Mitchell & Butler company, one of the biggest pub operators in the UK.

When asked whether the pub will be reopening or not, A spokesman for Mitchell & Butler said: “We have reopened the majority of our pubs, bars and restaurants since lockdown restrictions were lifted, however a small number are still yet to reopen.

“The decision not to immediately reopen these specific businesses has been made on a site by site basis, taking into account various factors including business layout and expected footfall. A decision on when to reopen the Earley Retreat remains constantly under review.”

The status of The Earley Retreat was last questioned in October 2020. The pub was closed at that time, and remained closed when all pubs and restaurants were closed down for the second lockdown, which ran from Thursday, November 5 to Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

It is understood the pub remained closed from the December reopening period to the start of the third national lockdown on Wednesday, January 6.

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Pub and restaurant businesses that remain closed may be waiting for the lifting of all coronavirus restrictions that has been scheduled for Monday, June 21.

However that date could be revised based on coronavirus infection numbers, which are increasing in Reading and Wokingham.

Both Reading and Wokingham borough councils initiated surge testing for coronavirus in response to an increase in cases.

There were 28 new cases recorded in Wokingham borough, which covers Earley, on Thursday, June 10. In Reading, 29 cases were recorded on the same day.

Wokingham has a weekly infection rate of 91.7 per 100,000 people. Meanwhile Reading has a weekly infection rate of 89.