WHETHER you fancy a coffee and a cake or maybe a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, cafes can be a welcome space for many.

We have listed the top five cafes in Berkshire according to Tripadvisor.

Let us know where your favourite cafe is by commenting below.

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1. The Flower Pot Cafe, Market Street, Newbury

2. Nibsy's, Cross Street, Reading

Bracknell News:

Nibsy's is an exclusively gluten free cafe in Reading.

The owner, Naomi, took to Instagram to tell her customers she will be selling her business.

She explained: "I will be passing on everything we do from recipes to routines, and Jon and I will be working alongside Richard for a few weeks after the transfer, to help ensure the transition is as smooth as possible."

3. Cinnamon Cafe, Goswell Hill

4. Picnic Foods, Market Place

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5. Tamp Culture Coffee, Gun Street, Reading

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