A PROUD family is hoping to raise money for medical treatment for their two sister's who suffered a horrific crocodile attack.

Georgia and Melissa Laurie from Sandhurst are currently in hospital in Mexico after they sustained injuries from the dangerous reptile.

Their elder sister Hana and Dad Sean are hoping to raise £35,000 to help the twins get the medical treatment they need.

Writing on their fundraising page, the Hana said: "Mel and Georgia are in real need of their parents, and the most amazing medical assistance we can get to turn this awful accident away from tragedy.

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Bracknell News:

"Due to the tour guide being disreputable, Covid-19 and a general struggle to be clear on paperwork at this time, we humbly and sincerely ask for any help anyone can spare."

Melissa and Georgia were swimming in a lagoon in Mexico, around 10 miles from Puerto Escondido when the attack happened.

The girls were taking a break from their ambitions to scuba dive and work with animals when they took a trip with a guide recommended by their hostel.

Whilst in the water, a  crocodile attacked Melissa, viciously biting her and shaking her.

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Doctors said they are concerned for Georgia after she sustained wounds in the attack.

They also said Melissa's condition is "delicate" with both sisters at risk.

So far, the fundraising page has hit £29,500 in donations in the space of 24 hours from kind members of the public, friends and family.

Hana updated the thousands of donators on the page: "Wow, thank you everyone. From the very swampy pits of our anxiety-ridden hearts thank you! Today we managed to speak to Georgia again, and saw some photos of her right hand/wrist - not for dinner time viewing... we have spoken to a doctor now and have a little more info on Mel's condition but it's very much a wait and see the game still. The next 2-5 days will be key but luckily she's cut from the same jib as a CrocodilePuncher."

To donate: https://gofund.me/c5a6b126