Additional testing is being carried out at another school in Bracknell after positive cases of coronavirus were recorded.

Garth Hill College joins five other schools in Bracknell who have detected positive cases of the new Indian variant.

Cases were confirmed at Binfield CE Primary School, The Brakenhale School, Garth Hill College, Great Hollands Primary School, Sandhurst School and Whitegrove Primary School on Friday, June 4.

It comes after pupils had been off on their half-term holidays.

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Bracknell Forest Council put a statement on their website and updated their release in recent days to include Garth Hill College.

They said: " All schools have taken immediate action and have been working with PHE to notify all relevant contacts.

"As a result, PHE has advised additional testing at the schools. At this point, the risk of further cases is low and they are offering this testing as a precaution to find out if this variant has spread more widely amongst students as well as household contacts of the individual.  

"PHE has advised the schools to recommend additional testing for some students/student year groups based on its risk assessment. Parents of the children requiring additional testing have been informed by the relevant school. "

Despite there being no current evidence to suggest that this variant causes more serious illness than other variants, the council wants to track and control the spread.

Adding: "Tracking and controlling the spread of this variant is therefore important from a public heath point of view and PHE are monitoring all cases within the borough."