LOUD noises from cars and motorbikes racing around near Sainsbury’s are again plaguing residents at night.

Locals have taken to Twitter to express their anger at the loud noise from the vehicles, with one resident comparing the sound to that from a race track.

According to residents online, the cars and bikes were looping around Sainsbury’s car park on Ringmead and on nearby roads on Friday evening (June 4).

One man told the News: “At one point there was a screech followed by a thud of a collision and I thought that would be that but moments later it continued up again which made me realise it was probably more than one car.

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“We often hear cars racing down Nine Mile Ride but they're just one and done - screaming down the road and then they're off and on to wherever.

“Friday night was something else and a sustained noise for several hours. It's unusual to hear something like that.”

This night of noise came after residents had previously expressed their concern for disturbance from cars and bikes ‘racing around the A320 - A329’.

Another man who previously told the News about these loud sounds said he heard the disturbance from the Sainsbury’s car park, too, and urged the authorities to do something about the issue.

He said: “Things have not improved, maybe actually worse on some days. Apparently [the] cars and bikes were [going] out of Sainsbury's past South Hill Park, round the roundabout up the the sports centre and down the A322 back to Sainsburys.

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“The police are not interested in my opinion. There will need to be a fatality until they take action.

“In terms of noise, it's the same. [It] sounds like a race track like Brands Hatch.”

Motorbikes and loud vehicles are causing havoc in Bracknell. Image via imeapuzzle.com

Motorbikes and loud vehicles are causing havoc in Bracknell. Image via imeapuzzle.com

Last time the News published an article on this issue, a Thames Valley Police spokesperson said the local authority typically deals with noise complaints.

Following the disturbance from Sainsbury’s the News asked the Public Protection Partnership -- the authority that deals with environmental health issues on behalf of Bracknell Forest Council -- to comment on the noise problem.

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In response, a spokesperson said: “There are no recent or current complaints re noise from cars etc. at Sainsbury’s at the location given.

“Noise on the street from vehicles is a Police matter so would be dealt with by Thames Valley Police.”

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