HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition in a bid to save The Peel Centre from being redeveloped into housing.

The retail park in Skimped Hill has been earmarked as a potential location for 900 homes and new shops in the latest version of the draft Bracknell Forest local plan.

In the report outlining the proposal, it is claimed the site was submitted to Bracknell Forest Council for consideration as a mixed-use development in March 2020.

Back in March, the News asked LandSec, the owners of The Peel Centre, to comment on the site’s inclusion in the draft local plan and explain why it had been promoted to the council.

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The Peel Centre and The Point on Skimped Hill Lane in Bracknell

The Peel Centre and The Point on Skimped Hill Lane in Bracknell

At the time, a spokesperson said: “We have no plans to develop The Peel Centre at this time and it is business as usual for all of the retailers.”

However, residents are still concerned that if LandSec's proposals are approved, then they can develop the site at the first opportunity they get.

David Luck, who started the petition on, said on the page: "Skimped Hill (where the Peel Centre now resides) was once a housing estate which was controversially demolished in 1988 while uprooting families and destroying a neighbourhood to make way for the new retail park; But now in 2021 we are talking about demolishing the popular retail park to make way for homes!?

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The petition further states how the owners of the Peel Centre have submitted plans to convert the retail park to mixed use residential and retail which could see the town 'possibly lose its only retail park'.

Adding: "Yes Bracknell has a wonderful new town centre but the sort of retail found in the town is by no means a suitable replacement for the variety of retail to be found in an "out of town" retail park."

As of Tuesday, May 25, 219 people have signed the petition with residents supporting the need for a retail park in the town centre.

Commenting on the petition, Emily Barrett said: "I use the peel centre a lot and feel it’s a shame to lose it for yet more housing."

Cindy Edwards echoed this and said: "We need these large outlets and not more housing."

LandSec has been contacted for further comment.