A SUPPORT worker from Crowthorne has been praised for her work with the community recently, after she asked for a signed photo from Chelsea F.C. she gave to one of the people she supports.

Michelle Runnacles, 55, of Crowthorne, has worked part time for Dimensions, a support provider for those with learning disabilities and autism, for more than three years.

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She was recently praised for her efforts in acquiring a signed photo of Chelsea F.C.'s midfielder Christian Pulisic, which she did to cheer up one of the people she cares for, Terry.

Ms Runnacles said: “I have a fantastic relationship with someone I support called Terry. Spending time with him is a great privilege.

"He always makes my day. He’s really into Chelsea F.C. and the Military – he has two walls in his bedroom dedicated to them.

"Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, Terry became a bit down and recluse.

"He’d always have his Chelsea F.C. scarf on the wall, but one day I found it in a drawer, and I could tell something needed to be done, so I decided to write to Chelsea F.C.

Terry with his letter from Chelsea F.C. Pic: Dimensions

Terry with his letter from Chelsea F.C. Pic: Dimensions

“A couple days later, I was surprised to get a response. They sent a letter with a signed photograph of midfielder Christian Pulisic!

"Terry was so excited when I showed him, he put it on his wall in pride of place. He even got his scarf out again and put that up on the wall where it belonged.

“It was amazing to see the change in him after that. It ended up having a really positive ripple effect on the rest of the home. It also gave me a real sense of purpose."

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Michelle also detailed that she is currently in the process of sending out letters to various army camps.

Ms Runnacles added: “I’ve had such great experiences with the people I support. I love making a difference in their lives.

"It makes me so happy when you get to see their excitement and big smiles when you come in for the day.

"And at the end of the day, I feel really uplifted and accomplished. I walk out the door with a skip in my step."

For more information on Dimensions, visit dimensions-uk.org/.