A FRIENDLY chef who cooks delicious paellas has seen popular demand with his Spanish cuisine at a local market.

Pepe Jaro Salado, owner of Pepe's Tasty Corner, couldn't keep up with demand over the weekend as residents piled up to order his Gazpacho.

The food stall has been coming to Morgan Recreation park in Crowthorne for their weekly Sunday market.

Having appeared in Crowthorne market in recent weeks, residents have taken a liking to Pepe's classic Spanish dishes.

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Posting on Facebook, he said: "The chicken and chorizo is the favourite between our customers. We brought a bigger paella pan and it seemed that we covered the demand.

"The gazpacho is also a vegan and delicious option that many people likes."

When it comes to cooking a vegan paella, however, it has been more 'challenging'.

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Pepe said on his page: "It is being very challenging to cook a vegan paella in the way a paella is cooked. It has not many fans and we are not completely satisfied about this product. However, we will carry on trying ingredients and methods and re-adjust the price accordingly to its cost."

Despite this, dozens of Crowthorne residents said Pepe's food is "delicious" with newbies dying to try out his food. 

Visit: Pepe's Tasty Corner on Facebook for more information.