A TV company’s plans to film at Swinley Forest could be torpedoed over the impact filming could have on the Green Belt.

A US television studio is hoping to use land off Swinley Road in Swinley Forest for filming.

The studio wants to build 15 temporary shacks for actors and staff to use on location. Filming at the site would take place over 12 months, and once the studio is finished, all the temporary buildings would be taken down.

But the TV studio may have to abandon its plans to film in Swinley Forest altogether as council officers have recommended that the plan be refused.

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In order to build the shacks and associated fencing for the cast and crew, the TV studio has had to apply for planning consent from Bracknell Forest Council. It is unclear what show the TV studio will be filming in Swinley Forest.

But it is looking unlikely that they will be able to go ahead, as council officers have expressed major fears that the filming activity will have a massive impact on the Green Belt land.

Green Belt land can only be built on in ‘very special circumstances’.

The company’s application has been supported by Creative England, which supports the creative industries outside London.

Creative England has estimated that high-end TV production companies pay around £22,000 into the economy every day when filming.

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However, the council’s planning officer Trevor Yerworth has argued that benefits for businesses in Bracknell Forest are severely limited, as the nearest shops and services for the site are in Ascot town centre.

Furthermore, officer Yerworth has argued the filming will present very few employment opportunities in Bracknell Forest, as the actors, crew and construction workers are all likely to come from elsewhere.

There are also concerns that the area will be closed off when filming takes place, leading to disruption for walkers and neighbours.

Access to the proposed filming site is provided through Buttersteep Rise, a single track road which connects with Swinley Road. The council’s Highway Officer has objected to the plan, stating that the plan fails to provide safe access from Swinley Road.

An overhead view of the site boundary. Credit: Google Maps

An overhead view of the site boundary. Credit: Google Maps

The site is owned by the Crown Estate, which is land held by the British Monarchy. Earlier this year, staff from the Crown Estate were seen clearing forest pre-emptively should the plan for the film location be approved. This work also included clearing to assist ground-nesting birds.

Officer Yerworth has recommended that the plan be refused.

You can observe the plan by entering planning reference 20/01063/FUL into Bracknell Forest Council’s planning website, https://planapp.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/online-applications/ .

Whether the TV company will be allowed to film on the site will be decided at a meeting of Bracknell Forest Council’s planning committee on Thursday, May 20.