ROGUE traders and doorstep scams are expected to rise as lockdown continues to ease.

A warning has gone out to homeowners locally to look out for these scams that can have disastrous outcomes for the victims.

The Public Protection Partnership (PPP), that covers a number of areas in Berkshire, has warned that there may be an increase in offences that start with 'cold callers'.

Scammers will call unexpectedly offering services or goods that you ave not asked for - often pressure washing driveways, garden clearance, roof repairs, guttering or repairing leaks.

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A PPP spokesman said: "When you accept services from a doorstep trader you are likely to pay much more than the price initially agreed, for very poor, unnecessary and sometimes dangerous work and are likely be targeted by them again in the future.

"They often target the older generation who can be more trusting and vulnerable to falling victim to these offences."

The trading standards authority also said cold calling can also often be a cover for criminals planning a more serious offence such as burglary, car crime, or distraction thefts during 'bogus official' visits.

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doorstep crime stock image

doorstep crime stock image

The warning noted four common methods used in distraction burglaries and doorstep crimes, and what to look out for. It said local scams include:

  • pretending to be from a care agency, the council or a utility company investigating a gas or water leak
  • seeking help to leave a note for a neighbour or even asking for a drink of water if they claim to be thirsty or unwell
  • claiming to be in a hurry or emergency and needing to get into your home quickly
  • working in teams, with one person distracting you while the other searches your home

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Anyone concerned about doorstep crime is advised to always check ID and check it with the company before letting someone in to your home - genuine calls wont mind, close the door, and always use a number online or in the phone book, not one that is on their badge.

If you feel threatened or in danger by the presence of a cold caller call police.