There will be eight fresh faces on Wokingham Borough Council following the Local Elections this year.

That’s because seven councillors elected in 2016 chose not to run for another term this year, and one incumbent councillor was defeated in the election.

In Wokinghan Borough, councillors are elected for four year terms. However, because elections were postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, those councillors elected in 2016 got to serve another year.

Here is a look at the eight fresh faces that will be taking up places on the council.

Philip Cunnington, Conservative councillor for Norreys ward

Bracknell News:

Philip Cunnington was the first of the new councillors that were announced at the election count on Saturday, May 8.

Mr Cunnington is a former United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) member, who stood as the General Election candidate for that party in 2015.

He has served as the Councillor for Norreys West ward on Wokingham Town Council

Mr Cunnington replaces Conservative Cllr Malcolm Richards, who has served nine years as a borough councillor.

Anne Chadwick, Conservative councillor for Loddon ward

Bracknell News:

Anne Chadwick was the second new councillor announced during the election.

She will represent the Loddon ward that covers Woodley. She has been on Woodley Town Council as a representative for the Loddon Airfield ward since 2011.

Anne will replace Richard Dolinski, who was elected as Conservative but became an Independent in 2018. He chose not to seek re-election this year.

Morag Malvern, Liberal Democrat councillor for Emmbrook ward

Bracknell News:

Following the defeat of Andy Croy, the Wokingham Labour party leader, the second big news to break at the election count was Morag Malvern gaining her seat from long standing Conservative Cllr UllaKarin Clark. Former Cllr Clark had served as a councillor since 2003.

This was a Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives.

Morag Malvern had previously served as a councillor for the Emmbrook North ward of Wokingham Town Council.

Jackie Rance, Conservative councillor for Shinfield South ward 

Bracknell News:

Jackie Rance held the Shinfield South ward for the Conservatives. She will replace Charlotte Haitham-Taylor, former leader of the Wokingham Conservatives, who resigned in 2018 amid internal party turmoil.

Jackie was a town councillor for eight years and has also served as a magistrate for many years, as well as running a cleaning business.

Ian Shenton, Liberal Democrat councillor for Evendons ward

Bracknell News:

Another big change was the election of Ian Shenton, Liberal Democrat for the Evendons ward. Mr Shenton beat Conservative candidate Daniel Hinton, who was hoping to hold onto the seat vacated by long serving Cllr Dianne King.

This was a Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives.

Mr Shenton has lived in Woosehill since 1987.

Pete Dennis Liberal Democrat councillor for Wescott ward 

Bracknell News:

Pete Dennis caused a major upset for the Conservatives by winning the Wescott ward.

The Conservatives were hoping to get their former leader Julian McGhee-Sumner back on the council following his defeat in Wescott in the 2019 Local Elections, when he was beaten by Liberal Democrat Maria Gee.

Mr McGhee-Sumner was hoping to hold the seat following the retirement of Conservative Cllr Oliver Whittle.

Mr Dennis has lived in Wokingham for over 25 years.

Rebecca Margetts, Conservative councillor for Finchampstead South 

Bracknell News:

Rebecca Margetts seized the Finchampstead South seat left vacant by Ian Pittock. Mr Pittock won elections in 2012 and 2016 as a Conservative, but eventually left the party and resigned office in 2020.

Mrs Margetts will join her husband Charles on the council.

Mr Margetts has been the councillor for the Finchampstead North since 2016. He was re-elected this year.

Sam Akhtar, Conservative councillor for Charvil ward

Bracknell News:

Conservative councillor Sam Akhtar managed to hold the Charvil seat for his party after the retirement of Emma Hobbs.

Mr Akhtar, 30, was the youngest councillor elected this year. He has been a key member of the Charvil Matters campaign, which began in 2019.

And two returning faces….

As mentioned, seven councillors chose to stand down ahead of the Local Elections this year.

However, there will also be two returning councillors, who lost their seats in previous elections, and decided to run as candidates this year.

Norman Jorgensen

Bracknell News:

Norman Jorgensen lost his seat in Hillside in 2019 after being defeated by Liberal Democrat Caroline Smith.

However, Mr Jorgensen stood for neighbouring Maiden Erlegh this year, successfully holding it following the retirement of Conservative Cllr Ken Miall.

Mr Jorgensen will rejoin the council with his wife Pauline, who retained her seat in Hillside in this election.

Shahid Younis

Bracknell News:

Former Conservative Cllr Shahid Younis lost his seat in Bulmershe & Whitegates to Labour’s Shirley Boyt in the elections in 2019. Mr Younis chose to run again this year, successfully managing to unhorse the Wokingham Labour Party leader Andy Croy.

Mr Younis won with 1,489 votes to Mr Croy’s 1,443, a majority of 46 votes.

Wokingham borough election results in full here