BRACKNELL residents are calling on police to take action against motorists making loud noises on dual carriageways and main roads late at night.

The issue has been plaguing families who cannot sleep for the loud sounds dominating their evenings.

In recent weeks, a number of residents have taken to Twitter to ask Thames Valley Police to crackdown on these motorists keeping people awake.

One wrote: “How about doing something about hot hatches and motorbikes racing up and down Ringmead past South Hill Park? There is going to be an accident one day.”

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Another added: “Every night. 10 pm. Cars racing around the A320 - A329. Can hear it in Jennetts Park, a mile away so please do something about it.”

A Bracknell resident who did not wish to be named also took to the social media site to spell out his concerns, saying motorbikes were riding ‘up and down’ the dual carriageways in Bracknell ‘making as much noise as possible by excessive accelerating and speeding’.

Speaking to the News, they added: “The effects on family life range from nuisance distracting noise to waking our daughter in spring and summer months when windows are open at night.

“It really does sound like a Brand's Hatch track day some evenings until 1am.

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“Most days I drive on Bracknell roads I come across at least one motorbike or modified car who seem to think it is OK to have loud exhausts and use high revs or to floor it down the dual carriageways.

“The introduction of traffic lights where roundabouts used to be has just accentuated the problem as it gives motorbikes the opportunity to filter to the from and then hammer it off the lights to an open road.”

In July 2020, the News revealed a petition had been set up to build a sound barrier in Winkfield Row because the noise coming from the B3430 was too loud.

The petition’s organiser claimed motor bikes and high-powered cars were revving their engines while stationary, creating a “torrent of noise” at all hours of the day.

Thames Valley Police was contacted for comment.