A HEART-WARMING letter has been sent to police from an aspiring Bracknell bobby.

A girl named ‘Amy’ sent the letter in recognition of all our officers’ hard work during the pandemic.

After Bracknell Police received the letter, PCSOs Darby-Shearing and Harrison arranged to safely meet with the youngster to talk about what they do from day to day.

A social media post from Thames Valley Police Bracknell read: “We LOVE receiving positive letters like this from our community!

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“PCSO Darby-Shearing and PCSO Harrison enjoyed meeting you and we hope to see you at our Police Training College in a few years!”

Amy’s letter read: “I am writing to you today to thank you all for what you do for everyone and everything in our community.

“You do so much for us already besides the pandemic and most still don’t realise what you all do for us.

“You put yourself at risk for all of us and I am so appreciative of it.

“It is for this exact reason and many more that I feel and know that you deserve more recognition.

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“I appreciate every single one of you and I hope that one day I can maybe help other people like you do and maybe even become a police officer.

“During the recent pandemic, I realise that you have all been under a lot more pressure and stress compared to what you were dealing with before.

“You are all absolutely amazing and I hope that you will all get some sort of pay rise or bonus by the end of this.

“I wish for this to happen because you spend so much of your time protecting, saving, and sometimes preserving life when you could be doing something that doesn’t put you at risk.

“You are all absolutely incredible and are like superheroes to me.

“I hope that I can help all of you like you help the community.”