A FARMER has raised serious issues over flooding after an elite school has applied to build new pitches on one of its fields.

Lambrook School in Winkfield Row has applied to build an astroturf multi-use games area (MUGA) and a netball court with associated fencing and car parking on its field to the right of Cricketers Lane.

However, there are fears that the new pitches could present a serious flood risk.

Concerns have been raised by Stuart Tarrant, a retired cattle farmer who owns land to the west of the site.

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On the flooding, he said: “It’s a public health issue. If sewage is in any water in the vicinity it can cause all sorts of nasty medical conditions.

“The very fact we have got seven sewers in my property, when it rains all the sewage comes up.

“The whole area is water logged in this part of the world, because the water drains in from all different directions. Putting a pitch there will make it worse.”

Photos by Mr Tarrant show dramatic flooding on his land.

However, the School has produced an extensive Flood Risk Assessment conducted by RGP Transport, Planning and Infrastructure Design Consultants in support of its application.

The school is planning on building a total of 33 parking spaces for the new pitches, with two of these being reserved for mini buses.

Cricketers Lane in Winkfield Row. Stuart Tarrant says neighbours enjoy walking in the lane.

Cricketers Lane in Winkfield Row. Stuart Tarrant says neighbours enjoy walking in the lane.

Access would be provided from Cricketer’s Lane, a small single file lane which also serves the Cricketer’s pub to the south of the site.

Any large coaches would have to enter through the schools main entrance, with visitors walking through the school site to the pitches for games.

Mr Tarrant has also taken issue with the plan due to traffic concerns, and fears that the works would transform the character of the area.

“It’s a series of things. That road is totally unsuitable for having a car park in it.

“At the moment it’s a leafy green single lane, now they want to open it up to major activity. It’s changing the landscape. There’s a lot of people who enjoy walking down there.”

The plan would involve levelling the ground so the pitches are flat, and putting up a three meter fence around the proposed netball pitch and hockey court.

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One neighbour, in support of the application, argued the community could benefit from the new pitches, and argued that Cricketers Lane would remain an extremely quiet road.

The commenter wrote:  “It’s essential to keep updating winkfield row – to ensure things just don’t turn to ruin.”

Lambrook School in Winkfield Row is an independent mixed school for pupils aged three to 13. According to its website, it has 560 pupils.

The school has been contacted for a comment.

So far, the plan for the pitches has received 33 objections and one comment in support.

You can comment on the plan by using reference 21/00260/FUL on Bracknell Forest Council’s planning website: at https://planapp.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/online-applications/