A 'STRESSED-out' landlord who spent £4,000 on outdoor beach huts has been told they break Covid-19 rules.

The White Horse in Wokingham had the four beach huts installed by Greene King ready for the reopening on April 12.

The landlord had spent around £4,000 in total. This includes decorating them inside with benches and music posters to add a personal touch. 

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Bracknell News: Photo from The White Horse on Facebook Photo from The White Horse on Facebook

Since then, punters have been using the beach huts but it wasn't until Saturday, May 1, that landlord Clive was told they can't be used.

Bar manager Tom claims the beach huts were compliant with Covid-19 guidelines.

Tom Mcnelly said: "We felt annoyed as we had been open for 2 to 3 weeks using them so it would have been nice if they came round and popped their head sooner.

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"I wasn't working on Saturday but I know the council said they breach Covid guidelines because there isn't enough airflow inside. With the number of gaps inside them, you can definitely feel the wind.

"I just don't get why a family from the same household can't use them, I can understand group of six from different households but a group of four I cant."

Wokingham Borough Council has been contacted for a comment. 

Tom told the News how the landlord has felt stressed ever since the ordeal on Saturday.

On Saturday evening the pub team had to quickly ring customers who had booked a beach hut for the following day to tell them it has been cancelled.

He said: "Everyone has been so great and understanding and ever since we've been open it's been brilliant and mental at the same time. The weather hasn't been great so we've lost quite a lot of bookings this week as people would have rather sat in the beach huts where it's a bit more sheltered from the wind."