Neighbours have clashed over a massive plan for 126 new apartments on the site of Bracknell Town Football Club’s ground.

The owners of the club have applied to replace the current stadium with three apartment blocks containing 126 new homes in total.

The plans have received a number of response including several objections, with one woman living nearby describing the plans as “potty”.

The objection reads:  “It’s obvious whichever individuals have proposed this development do not live in the area having to use Larges Lane.

“I invite these individuals to drive up and down Larges Lane, noting the new flats already erected there and the traffic congestion already existing, even more so when the schools are fully open.

“This is perhaps the only way they’ll understand how POTTY their proposal is.

“While we understand the need for more housing, giving the public real problems in entering and exiting their homes to any right think person is NOT the right way to go.”

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The plan to build on the stadium ground has been lodged by the club’s chairman and CEO Kayne Steinborn-Busse.

As a token of his commitment Mr Steinborn-Busse has moved and now lives next door to the ground. If approved, Mr Steinborn-Busse has indicated he would sell the plans to a developer. He would then use the funds from the sale to invest in the football club.

Neighbours are particularly worried about the amount of cars that will use Larges Lane.

One objector wrote: “Traffic is already congested down Larges Lane due to the number of additional dwellings introduced. Introducing more would have a detrimental on the traffic and make the road even more dangerous than it is.

“I drop my children to our childminders in Goodways Drive and at school times, the number of cars makes it dangerous to navigate in and out of Goodways drive, and then to exit via Larges lane.

“I don’t believe the existing infrastructure would be able to cope with at least 100, if not more, vehicles. There would also be increased pollution from the additional traffic that the new accommodation would attract.”

The plan states a total of 167 parking spaces would be provided.

In an attempt to mitigate the traffic congestion issue, the Bracknell Town FC is in the process of building a ‘kiss and drop’ vehicle loop which can be used by club members and parents taking their children to the nearby St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. An environmentally friendly, safe and appropriate woodland walkway would be constructed to give access to the school from the drop off point.

Bracknell News:

It is hoped that the loop will be built this summer alongside a new pavilion at Bracknell Town FC’s new site in Larges Lane, which is located immediately next to the current ground. The club has already received planning permission for the pavilion and the loop.

Access to the 126 apartments would be provided by a turning from Larges Lane.

An objector raised concerns about the size of the five-storey buildings proposed. The objection letter reads: “This site is already overdeveloped, the blocks are too big and out of keeping with the site and location, traffic safety, capacity and safety will all be compromised, peoples, privacy, light and well-being due to dust and noise pollution will be impacted.”

Another objector said: “The height of the flats will overlook our properties, with balconies overlooking our gardens, and blocking light, also causing our flats to lose value on the market. This area is already overdeveloped, and the impact on Larges Lane will be horrendous with added traffic problems and noise.”

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A petition in favour of the application has received 87 signatures. Of those, one was from Mr Steinborn-Busse himself, and four were from members of his family. There were also six signatures of support from the USA.

One supporter said: “This project will enable a new facility to be built and benefit kids from the local area for years to come.”

Two members of the club also supported the application, one said: “I am in favour of the new facilities because of the sporting and educational opportunities it will provide for me.”

Another said: “I study and play for Bracknell Town/SB Academy. I support this because it will provide new facilities for me and other students here.”

Residents can view the application by entering planning reference 21/00250/OUT at .

Comments can still be made on the council website.