BRACKNELL has been listed as being in the top three most busiest towns for footfall in the UK since non-essential shops reopened, statistics have shown.

Data provided by footfall analytics company Huq has shown that Bracknell has seen a 70.4 per cent rise in footfall since lockdown restrictions were lifted - this makes Bracknell the second-highest footfall increase out of all the towns in the UK.

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This puts the town second only to Chelmsford, which saw a 71.9 per cent uptick - this contrasts with the latest statistics for Slough, which statistically has the second SLOWEST increase of footfall in towns over the past week.

On the day of non-essential shops once again reopening, shoppers flocked to The Lexicon.

People were seen lining up outside Primark, non-essential shops, gyms, and nail salons.

Fashion stores such as TK Maxx and Primark boasted some of the longest queues of the day, with residents lining the streets to get their shopping done.

Bracknell News:

With outdoor hospitality also opening, cafes were also busy with shoppers as the town centre reopened.

Conrad Poulson, chief executive officer at Huq Industries, comments: “This data highlights that commuter towns and residential areas around London and the big conurbations of the North are seeing the greatest rises in footfall since non-essential retailers were allowed to re-open.

“Importantly, it also shows that footfall and economic activity are not always the same thing.

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"Many of the towns and cities that are seeing people moving around in increasing numbers aren’t necessarily seeing an increase in retail activity.

"Retail behaviours are shifting with the growth in e-commerce and it’s becoming harder than ever to turn a town centre visitor into a shopper.

“It’s also not hugely surprising that people are using their local high streets rather than rushing into major urban centres to enjoy the fresh air and do their shopping.

"Many are still wary of public transport, which is the usual way many would travel to the big centralised shopping areas."