Bracknell’s MP James Sunderland has adamantly defended both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as both topics have generated furious debate in recent days.

In allegations recorded in The Mail on Sunday,  Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Conservative) is alleged to have said:  “No more ****ing lockdowns – let the bodies pile high in their thousands!”

It is claimed that the Prime Minister said this prior to the second lockdown, which ran throughout November 2020.

The allegations have sparked a furious debate surrounding the Prime Minister’s comments and how effective lockdowns are in stopping the spread of coronavirus and keeping the public safe.

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Bracknell’s MP Mr Sunderland (CON) denied PM Johnson made the alleged comments.

He said: “On the alleged comments by Boris Johnson – this story has been extensively refuted by No.10 so I just don’t believe that this was the language used.

“No-one has done more than Boris Johnson to tackle the pandemic or to lead us out of it.

“He has also suffered personally from the virus so the media should probably pick on another target.”

Meanwhile, neighbouring MP Sir John Redwood (CON), representing Wokingham, said:  said: “No.10 has denied this alleged quote so I have  no intention of commenting on it.”

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Mr Sunderland also expressed scepticism over the need for any further lockdowns. He said: “In respect of lockdowns, the Government has rightly been guided by the science throughout but I would be sceptical of the need for another lockdown given the unprecedented success with the vaccine programme and the statistical evidence which clearly points towards further easing of restrictions.

“Ultimately, the Government has got pretty good at managing this now with some of the best brains in the country so I would be inclined to trust the Government.”

PM Johnson’s alleged statements prompted The News to record the total number of deaths after testing positive for coronavirus in Berkshire.

A total of 1,764 people have sadly died  after testing positive for Covid-19 in Berkshire. In Brackell Forest, there have been 186 coronavirus related deaths.

These figures are correct as of Friday, April 16.

Deaths after testing positive for coronavirus in each Berkshire area Friday, April 16 (increase from Friday, April 9 in brackets):

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead – 351 deaths (up one)

Slough – 341 deaths (up one)

Wokingham – 318 deaths (up one)

Reading – 315 deaths (up two)

West Berkshire – 250 deaths (up two)

Bracknell Forest – 186 deaths (up one)

Total – 1,764 (increase of eight from 1,756 recorded on Friday, April 9).