THE latest crime statistics for Wokingham town centre have been revealed by police recently.

Data on the number of crime reports and where they took place have been released earlier this month, detailing the different types of instances police officers have had to deal with throughout February.

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According to, 80 reports of various crimes were made across the Wokingham town centre.

This includes 21 violence/sexual offences, 12 anti-social behaviour offences, and 10 criminal damage and arson offences - these are the most commonly crimes to have been reported in February.

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Other reported offences include four buyrglaries, four drugs offences, eight 'other' theft reports, nine public order incidents, six shoplifting reports, one theft from a person, and five reports of vehicle crime.

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Although police have released a map detailing the locations of these instances, the location of the hotspots shown on this map has been anonymised.

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