Candidates from three other political parties are seeking to represent their neighbours in the Wokingham Borough Council local elections this year.

The Green Party is fielding seven candidates in wards across the borough.

In England and Wales, the Green Party has 346 councillors. The party has been described as environmentalist and left-leaning, and has put tackling the ‘Climate Emergency’ at its centre. As a result of growing concern, Wokingham Borough Council declared a Climate Emergency in July 2019.

Two members of a new party called the Freedom Alliance are standing for election this year as well. The Freedom Alliance was formed to oppose lockdowns and curfews and preserve  personal liberty, sovereignty, and human rights.

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Finally, candidate Louise Timlin of Women’s Equality Party is running to represent Evendons ward. The party was founded in 2015 by author and journalist Catherine Mayer and comedian Sandi Toksvig. The party is feminist, egalitarian and campaigns on women’s issues.

You can see the names of all the candidates from the other parties competing in the Wokingham Borough elections this year below:


Samuel Langlois, Bulmershe and Whitegates

Bracknell News: Samuel Langlois, Green Party candidate for Bulmershe and Whitegates ward. Samuel Langlois, Green Party candidate for Bulmershe and Whitegates ward.

Mr Langlois said: “I’ve lived in the ward since 2012, when my wife and I got tired of living in the Parisian suburb, and decided to try living abroad. We have never regretted this decision, and thoroughly enjoyed living here with our 3 daughters.

“I’ve worked in software, especially in startups in Reading, and I am very happy with my 10-minute bicycle commute! I’m a keen cyclist, and we’ve been living without a car for a year.

“If elected, I will campaign to reduce the place of cars in the public space, and promote the use of walking, cycling or public transports. I will also protect and improve the green space, and support our amazing local, independent businesses.”

Martin Coule, Twyford

Bracknell News: Martin Coule, Green Party candidate for Twyford ward. Martin Coule, Green Party candidate for Twyford ward.

Martin has lived in Twyford for three years but has had connections with Wokingham for over twenty years. He works in computers, currently in the telecommunications sector. He has an allotment in London Road and an interest in all the sciences, but especially astronomy.

If elected, he will work for better local cycling facilities and public transport, as well as opposing inappropriate development and tree felling. He wants Wokingham to commit to a zero carbon strategy as soon as possible.

Martyn Foss, Finchampstead North

Martyn Foss is a candidate for Finchampstead North where he has lived for over 30 years. Martyn is a former teacher enjoying retirement and looking forward to resuming voluntary work, especially as an Eco Schools Assesser and Advisor. If elected the main aim would be to build a greener future for the borough making it more sustainable as well as more just and equitable.

The following Green Party candidates are also running in the election:

  • Kathy Smith, Charvil
  • Brent Smith, Hurst
  • James Towell, Loddon
  • Russell Seymour, Maiden Erlegh

Profile pictures and biographies for these candidates have not been supplied.


Louise Timlin, Evendons

Bracknell News: Louise Timlin, Women's Equality Party candidate for Evendons ward. Louise Timlin, Women's Equality Party candidate for Evendons ward.

Louise Timlin said: "My name is Louise Timlin and I’m leader of the Reading and Wokingham branch of the Women’s Equality Party. I’m standing in Evendons ward for the Wokingham Borough Council elections on 6th May 2021.

"I have lived in Woosehill for 17 years and I love the community spirit here which has been demonstrated brilliantly during this pandemic. I have two children, a girl aged 12 and a boy aged 13, who go to school locally. I work as a senior director in the pharmaceutical industry and I am a parent governor at The Holt School.

"I’m standing because I want my daughter, and everyone’s daughters growing up in our community to have access to fairer pay, safer streets, safer homes and equal representation in our society.

"Violence against women and girls is endemic and rooted in a society which tolerates misogyny and sexism. Women are disproportionately affected by cuts to services. They are less able to afford housing. It is women who have had to plug the gaps in childcare and social care during this pandemic.

"I will ensure that Wokingham Borough Council forms a working group to build a robust strategy to tackle violence against women and girls. In all areas, Wokingham Borough Council needs to ensure that its policy making takes into consideration issues faced by women and minorities, and I will hold them to account to ensure this happens. Following this pandemic we have an opportunity to Build Back Equal. A vote for me is a vote for equality on 6th May, and equality benefits everyone."


Karen Clyde, Winnersh 

Bracknell News: Karen Clyde   Freedom Alliance   Winnersh

Karen Clyde said: “I am a resident of Winnersh, a mother and grandmother, having living here for over 20 years, where my youngest child went to Forest School.  I work locally at Wokingham Cricket Club in Sindlesham, where for the past six years I have been the club house manager.  This area has provided me with somewhere that I am proud to call home, good neighbours where we help each other out as needed and this is something that we need more than ever.

“I am passionate about protecting and improving the community during the unprecedented challenges we face. When the country started shutting down 12 months ago it disrupted children’s lives, caused great distress to myself and staff, friends and family. I felt compelled to take action which is why I am standing to be elected as Councillor.

“If we are to make Winnersh the best place it possibly can be, we have to be Free to make the right choices for our children, our businesses and our town.

“I believe in the absolute rights of people to leave home whenever they choose, to make a living and operate business premises, and to freely speak, associate, assemble, and protest, with no fear of state censorship or penalty.

“It would be a privilege for me to be given the opportunity to represent the people of Winnersh. I promise to do everything I can to promote and facilitate safety, prosperity and freedom for all.”

The Freedom Alliance Party has one more candidate in the election:

  • Fiona Morley, Bulmershe and Whitegates

A profile picture and biography for Fiona Morley has not been supplied.

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