A RESIDENT has written a children's story featuring South Hill Park in Bracknell, with all the profits raised by sales going back into supporting the facilities.

"The Beast of South Hill Park", written by former Bracknell resident Jane Howard and illustrated by her mum Lynne Howard sets the scene of an explorer arriving in the well-renowned local space, and follows him on his adventure as he tries to find the elusive monster.

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Ms Howard said: "I had an idea to write a picture book before, but never had the time to do it - but I was furloughed from my job at the Natural History Museum so had quite a lot of free time.

"It all centres around an explorer who thinks a monster has moved into South Hill Park one night and goes around the different rooms, thinking he can see the monster but when he inspects it's just the usual arts centre activities."

Pic: Jane Howard. Illustration by Lynne Howard

Pic: Jane Howard. Illustration by Lynne Howard

"The theme is things aren't always as they seem. It shows the reader what a brilliant facility it is whilst it's closed."

Activities mentioned in the book include a wedding, actors rehearsing, a violinist practicing and more.

Ms Howard added: "what triggered it was when I saw the fundraising campaign last summer.

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"I was really shocked because I had heard about it closing temporarily, but when I saw it possibly could be permanently closed due to financial problems, I wanted to help with fundraising.

"the centre changed my life and my mums, so we worked together on it in the summer of 2020."

To buy the book, visit amazon.co.uk/Beast-South-Hill-Park/dp/B08WK2L8Y9/.