A 23-YEAR-OLD driver was involved in the ‘slowest pursuit ever’ over the weekend after police chased the man at a ‘dizzying speed’ of 20 miles per hour.

Thames Valley Police officers arrested the Bracknell man after receiving a report from a member of the public about a possible drink driver.

A social media post from the force read: “After reports from a member of the public of a possible drink driver, the chap behind the wheel decided not to stop when the bright blue flashing lights and siren were put on behind him.

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“Having reached the dizzying speeds of 20mph we made the decision for them and the vehicle was brought to a safe stop without any injuries to officers, the driver or the public!

“Not a scratch to the police vehicles either!”

Several concerned residents reported the man to Thames Valley Police

Several concerned residents reported the man to Thames Valley Police

The 23-year-old was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop, drink driving, driving otherwise in accordance with a license and driving without insurance.

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TVP added: “Whilst we joke slightly, the risk this driver places the public in is not only reckless but totally selfish and it only takes a split second for lives to be ruined!”

The man was arrested on Saturday evening (April 3).

He remains in police custody. 

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