Wokingham darts ace, Eve McGrath, won a series of four county qualifying rounds at the British Ladies’ Individual Darts Championship in 1979.

Runner-up was Bonny Barney from Waltham St Lawrence and both were due to challenge at the national finals in Great Yarmouth later that year.

The eventual winner of the title, the first of its kind, would carry off £500 in cash, an engraved silver plate and a luxury holiday for four.

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The 2019 BDO Women’s World Champion, Mikuru Suzuki, nicknamed “Miracle” recently won £12,000 when she defeated Lorraine Winstanley 3-0 in the final.

Three members of the Bracknell Red Cross Society had found a novel way to raise money 42 years ago, by sky diving with the famous Red Devils parachute team.

CHARITY JUMPERS: Red Cross volunteers were ready to free fall

CHARITY JUMPERS: Red Cross volunteers were ready to free fall

The bold desperados- Margaret Blackburn, Steve Moss and Jennifer Hill- were all set to leap out of a light aeroplane over Aldershot.

It was hoped that as a result of their initiative, more than £1,000 would be donated to their national charity fund.

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Great Holland’s Town and District Councillor Ewart Dale decided that his neighbourhood needed more trees in ’79, so he enlisted the local Community Association to make the area ‘greener’.

He told the News: “This all started when it struck me that there were very few trees in Great Hollands compared to other areas in Bracknell.”

Cllr Dale also admitted that very few trees were retained when the estate was built, and many newly planted saplings did not survive the drought in 1976.

He continued: “Many people complain that this area is not as attractive as Hanworth or Birch Hill, but if everyone spent five pounds on planting trees the neighbourhood would be transformed, I am hoping that by involving the residents these new trees will stand a better chance of surviving.”

Harmans Water School netball team were all smiles as they looked to clinch the league title and become the best squad in East Berkshire.

TOP OF THE TABLE: East Berkshire netball was riding high

TOP OF THE TABLE: East Berkshire netball was riding high

Coached by their PE teacher Jo Forrest, they had also retained their title at the Primary Schools’ Rally, beating The Pines School 3-0 in the final at Easthampstead Park Annexe.

Posing for the News photographer were: Back row (left to right), Michelle Bryant, Jillian North, Tracey Dowling, Lisa Tomlinson, Debbie Malkin; Front: Clair Nixon, Gillian Lake and Susan Fletcher.

Wokingham held a silent ceremony outside the Town Hall when a plain wooden cross was carried through the town to mark Good Friday.

The Bracknell News reported that very few people joined in the prayers, with the noise of shoppers and drivers passing by drowning out their words.