All of the burglary crimes reported in January have been revealed by Thames Valley Police.

Data from Police.UK shows you how many burglaries were reported in each postcode area in Bracknell Forest.

Burglary is the theft, or attempted theft, from premises where access is not authorised.

It is one of the most reported crimes in the borough leaving a devastating impact on victims and families.

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The Ministry of Justice recently launched a pilot where prolific burglars will be automatically tagged for up to 12 months after being released from prison to act as a deterrent.

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 From top to bottom- areas with most burglaries in Bracknell Forest

Bracknell Central North - 5 burglaries

Bracknell Central South - 3 burglaries

Bracknell town centre - 2 burglaries

Bracknell Northern Parishes - 2 burglaries

Crowthorne - 1 burglary

Sandhurst - 1 burglary