RESIDENTS are now starting to receive the new green waste recycling bags, now being delivered by the Wokingham Borough Council.

According to the council, more than half of the borough has now received the waste disposal bags, effectively replacing the plastic black boxes previously used to separate recycling waste from general waste.

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A total of 43,000 homes in the Wokingham borough have now received the green bags issued to their doorsteps, including 80 general waste bags and 100 food waste caddy liners.

The council advises that if residents have more recycling that can be stored in the two waste bags, then the black boxes can be used for non-paper items sich as cans, tins and plastics.

The idea to introduce the new waste bags came after it was announced that recycling plants in the borough would no longer accept wet or damp cardboard - and due to the black boxes being open-topped, the council concluded that these bags would be the best course of action to resolve the issue.

Pic by Wokingham Borough Council

Pic by Wokingham Borough Council

Residents who have not yet received the new bags can check when they should do so using the Wokingham Borough Council website - if your home has been missed, the council has said that you can report this online where ‘mop-up’ deliveries will be made after the initial rollout.

Clare Lawrence, assistant director for Place Services, said: “Thank you to all our residents who have got their bags and are putting them to good use.

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“It’s really important for everyone to start using their waterproof bags as soon as they get them and keep them sealed at all times other than when they are adding items to the bags. In the months and years ahead these bags will help us to boost the borough’s recycling rate as we continue to work towards our goal of 70 per cent recycling by 2030.”

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