THE Peel Centre and The Point are set to be transformed after plans for 900 homes at the site were unveiled.

The shopping centre is set to become a mixed-use development, meaning it will retain a supermarket and some shops alongside the new homes.

But the existing supermarket -- Morrisons -- will be removed to make way for a new one where The Point currently stands.

Should new plans published as part of Bracknell Forest Council’s draft local plan be approved, it is estimated around 600 of the new homes will be in the years up to 2036.

The remaining 300 will follow in the years after.

Of the 900 new homes, 315 would be made affordable, with a number made available specifically for older people. 

Major plans from 2020 which could change how Bracknell Forest looks for years to come

The Peel Centre is set to be transformed

Other plans for the site include developing a new public realm, new greenspace and 500m squared of commercial space.

It is expected the new homes will be delivered in three phases.

The first phase will involve redeveloping the shops and the car park. 

Morrisons will stay during this phase and will be accessed via Skimped Hill Lane. 

The next phase will involve redeveloping The Point to include the building of the new supermarket. 

Phase three will see the existing supermarket and car park redeveloped.  

Owners of the shopping centre made the site available for housebuilding following the move of a number of retailers to The Lexicon and other store closures.

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A report from BFC also claims Brexit and the impact of the pandemic played a part in the site being put forward.

Cllr Chris Turrell, BFC’s planning boss, said: ‘The Local Plan will play a decisive role in how our borough evolves over the next two decades.

“The development of the plan has involved some difficult choices but we have listened to everyone’s feedback and made changes accordingly.

Bracknell News:

“We believe that it now represents the most sustainable means to shape the immediate future of our area.

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“It also provides for more housing, including affordable housing, employment and business opportunities and the necessary supporting infrastructure like roads, schools and open spaces.

“The Executive will consider if we should move forward to the next stage in preparing the Local Plan at its meeting later this month.

“This would involve asking residents for any more final feedback on the draft plan before submitting it to the Government later this year alongside any comments received during the consultation.”