READERS have been having their say as to which roads in and around Bracknell are the worst for speeding.

Drivers have been reportedly caught speeding on numerous occasions having decided to ignore the speed limits.

Some roads are also claimed to be more dangerous than others, with speed cameras needed to make it safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.

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So we asked our readers which roads in the borough and the surrounding areas which roads they think are dangerous.

Below are roads that were mentioned by residents and in no particular order. Thanks to everyone who left a comment.

Ringmead, Great Hollands 

Bracknell News:

Mark Richardson said: "Their is a chicane past Yardley. As cars leave the chicane they speed up towards hill down to McDonald’s. Dangerous and noisy.

"Often cross road by bus stop with children too. And also the other direction up the hill."

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South Hill Road, Bracknell 

Bracknell News:

The road is 30 miles per hour but one resident has seen the speed camera flash on several occasions.

Gareth said: "Kids play park nearby and north lake playing field seen camera flash multiple times."

Bullbrook Drive

Tracy Chappell believes there will be a death one day due to cars driving dangerously down this road.

She said: "An awful lot of people go at between 40 and 50mph, slamming in and out of the parked cars. There’s going to be a death or serious injury one day!"

Priory Road

Bracknell News:

The junction on London Road is thought to be very dangerous according to a resident's photo submission.

The picture above shows an accident a few weeks ago near Heathfield School.

The resident said: "People regularly speed along it to get through the lights, there are two schools close by.  

There are so many accidents at the junction with London Road and just a few weeks ago there was a really bad accident just along from the entrance to Heathfield School.  Every other road around here is 30mph and Church and North Roads are 20mph.  

"The police speed trap has never operated along here yet it go some way to making residents feel safer and would be easy pickings for the Police.

"They may want to try walking along on the pavement when a lorry is doing 50mph!

"Have a look at the accident statistics and attached photo and consider if it is a dangerous road."

Do you think there are worse roads than this? Then tell us below