A CROWTHORNE councillor slammed for bullying has said he will still not stand down even after his colleagues said they had ‘lost all confidence’ in his ability to represent the community.

Councillor Richard Price, who represents Crowthorne South at Crowthorne Parish Council, was the subject of a vote of no confidence from his colleagues at a meeting last night (Tuesday, March 2).

The vote was called following an outburst from Conservative Cllr Price towards clerk Melanie Saville at a meeting of the council in February, which had been specifically arranged to condemn him for bullying Ms Saville on at least six occasions in 2020.

But Cllr Price told the News he will not resign despite all Crowthorne parish councillors voting in favour of the no-confidence motion and pleas from his colleagues to ‘seriously consider his position’.

Cllr Price (top left) faced a no-confidence vote from his Crowthorne Parish colleagues after he was found to have bullied clerk Melanie Saville (top centre). Image screencapped during meeting of Crowthorne Parish Council held 2/3/2021

Cllr Price (top left) faced a no-confidence vote from his Crowthorne Parish colleagues after he was found to have bullied clerk Melanie Saville (top centre). Image screencapped during meeting of Crowthorne Parish Council held 2/3/2021

Councillor Bob Wade, who proposed the no-confidence vote, revealed he and his colleagues had written to Cllr Price to ask him to resign following the events at the February meeting.

Speaking last night, Cllr Wade said: “As councillors, we adhere to agree to our council’s code of conduct.

“We are both servants of the public and stewards of public resources, including our own staff.

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“In a nutshell, councillors [are in] a very privileged position, which always demands the highest standards of behaviour.

“Sadly, in the case of Mr Price, this obligation has not been acknowledged nor understood.

“Regardless of his financial skills, to achieve results relies on treating all people with respect and consideration.

“A fact Mr Price has not observed on many occasions with several organisations including the outburst at the last CPC council meeting.”

Cllr Price, who was stripped of his role of Crowthorne finance champion and who will receive code of conduct and anti-bullying training in a range sanctions for his behaviour, was told in the letter that his conduct at the February meeting was ‘unbecoming of a parish councillor’.

He was also slammed for ‘again’ bringing the council into ‘disrepute’ after an investigation into his behaviour by Bracknell Forest Council in January found he showed ‘bullying and harassing’ behaviour towards Ms Saville, which included a ‘verbal attack’ at Crowthorne Market in Septemeber which left the clerk ‘shaken’ and ‘in tears'.

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The councillor was ‘invited’ to hand in his resignation following the February meeting, but did not offer to stand down and consequently a vote of no confidence was called.

The no-confidence motion read: “This council has lost all confidence in Cllr Price’s capabilities as a parish councillor to represent the views and interests of the community of Crowthorne parish whilst observing his obligations under the code of conduct.

Richard Price breached the councils code of conduct

Richard Price breached the council's code of conduct

“The council, therefore, calls on councillor Price to resign from Crowthorne Parish Council to restore public confidence, sound administration and to avoid bringing the council into further disrepute.”

Cllr Wade added: “We accept no one is perfect, but it is absolutely essential at all times to treat others as we would have them treat us, especially in this very privileged position we have as elected members.”

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All councillors present at the meeting agreed to back the no-confidence motion, bar Cllr Price, who abstained.

Following the vote, which does not impact the council’s ability to remove Mr Price as a councillor, Cllr Wade called on his colleague to ‘seriously consider his position’ at Crowthorne Parish Council.

But Cllr Price, who has served on Crowthorne Parish Council since 1988 and who has held various senior financial management positions in a 32-year career with a US corporation, told the News he would not stand down.

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When asked why not, he responded: “I’ve received quite a lot of support from the residents of the ward that I represent over this issue.

“I still believe I can represent them in the council and use my background in business to do the best job for them.”