A POOR Husky abandoned by her previous owners is in desperate need of an operation after she was brought in to a rescue centre limping on one leg.

Binfield Dog Rescue has launched a fundraiser for Mia the four-year-old husky to have a leg operation.

Kiah Hudman,who is a volunteer at the rescue centre, launched a fundraising appeal on Go Fund Me.

Binfield Dog Rescue are trying to raise £3,500 so Mia can have an operation on her hip and knee joint.

Mia the husky

Mia the husky

St Vincents Veterinary Surgery in Wokingham, who work closely with the rescue, said this is the surgery Mia will need to fix her leg.

Mr Johnson, owner of Binfield Dog Rescue, said: "She was bought in by a chap who said she was getting aggressive and came to us with a terrible limp. The vets checked her over and it's a problem but she's a dog that matters and Mia is a lovely dog.

"We have dogs come in with problems, one had an ear problem but we do all that we can to help them.

"If we don't raise the amount needed then we will pay for it as we do have enough in the kitty, we will always try and help every dog."

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The fundraising page also explains Mia's back story and why the rescue centre want to help her.

Kiah wrote: "Mia has been abandoned by her previous owners and at the Rescue we don’t want to let this dog down as we feel she has been through enough.

"It’s heart-breaking to see Mia limping and not use her back leg when she’s in the pen and on her walks.The funds we are trying to raise will fund Mia’s operation and her recovery. Any donation no matter how small would be a huge help, every penny will make a difference.

"We, as volunteers, at Binfield Dog Rescue would appreciate every donation for Mia as she is the most loving dog. Please share the fundraising page."

Visit: gofundme.com/f/help-mia-get-her-leg-operation?fbclid=IwAR3C205YFU8TSLRUZt7HHIm4lBtOFThfScHXR6flh4lKdt3LB4qvmzN-T2A to donate.