SECONDARY schools in England are set to receive added funding in order to run summer schools so that pupils can catch up with their education, Boris Johnson has confirmed.

The Prime Minister has said £400million will be set aside for schools, on top of the £300million cash injection in January following the third national lockdown.

Summer classes will be introduced for pupils who need it the most, such as incoming Year 7 pupils, while one-to-one and small group tutoring schemes will be expanded.

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Classroom stock image

Classroom stock image

But many parents and teachers believe this is an unfair "solution" to missed school, with extra work being piled on following a difficult year adjusting to schooling from home.

We asked Berkshire readers what they thought of the plans, and an overwhelming majority disagreed with proposals.

When asked 'would you send your kids in to school over the summer holidays if asked?' Kim Vokes, from Reading, said: "No.

"My kids are emotionally exhausted by online lessons and the lockdown.

"They’ve been through enough.

"They deserve to have a carefree summer where they can play with their friends and catch up on the socialising and fun experiences they’ve missed.

"Life and happiness are just as important as education.

"To make them work through a much needed break would be cruel. On top of that, the teachers need a break."

Nikki Lambourne echoed this view, commenting: "I am happy for my children to do extra time in school to catch up but I think they deserve a break as well they have been working hard with home schooling and they are having a tough time with life at the moment they need a chance to be children and visit grandparents and aunts and uncles and go to soft play again."

Many have made the point that teachers have not had a break and have been working from home and schools to ensure children are still being taught.

Carol Thomas said: "What about the teachers? They have been working all the time online or over zoom and have had to learn new ways to help all their children.

"They all need a break, teachers and children and parents."

Secondary schools will be asked to run summer schools with face-to-face teaching. (PA)

Secondary schools will be asked to run summer schools with face-to-face teaching. (PA)

Elizabeth Cooke said: "Nope let these kids have fun and see their friends and live again" while Saira Shahid added: "During this pandemic teachers and children were not on holidays, instead they were continuously working, children were taking online classes 9-3pm and too much homework and teachers were delivering lessons, planning lessons and checking their work, it was pandemic for everyone so don’t give punishment to them they all need relaxed and stress free holidays."

Laura McCrystal responded: "Absolutely not.

"My child has been putting in a lot of effort at home.

"He deserves his summer holidays.

"And so do the teachers and school staff who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic."

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In Bracknell, Annette King said: "This is a joke, teachers are still working throughout the whole of the pandemic they been working harder then usual putting themselves at risk.

"Maybe just add a extra hour to the day most teachers don't leave straight away after school.

"Don't make them work during the school holidays they have families also."

Matthew Wilkes added: "Hopefully the funding will be enough and the schools get the support and additional staff they will need.

"They will also need help to support their existing teachers/staff who will help the pupils get what it is they need to catch up and develop."

Michal Benyak joked: "I am sure all teachers love that idea... because they do not need a holiday.."