Messages of praise has flooded in for teachers and staff from families across Bracknell Forest thanking them for all of their support during the pandemic.

Teachers and educational staff have worked tirelessly to adapt and overcome the challenges and pressures of the pandemic whilst minimising the impact of lockdown on children's learning is one of their main priorities.

Earlier in the week we asked residents on the Bracknell News Facebook page if they had any schools or teachers they wanted to thank for their support during the pandemic.

We were inundated with messages for the wonderful work of school staff with people commenting that every staff member was worthy of praise for all they have managed to achieve in such difficult circumstances.

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If you want to share a message about your child's school, then you can still give it a mention in the comments here, or under the story on the Bracknell News Facebook page.

Here's what parents have said about schools across Bracknell Forest:

Great Hollands Primary School

Great Hollands Primary School

Great Hollands Primary School

Nigel Crump: "Great Hollands Primary year 4 teachers (I can only speak for them with my child there) have been doing live lessons all day every day during this lockdown which is admirable.

"t must be exhausting for them and I'm so thankful to them for doing it especially as it sounds like other schools are only doing partial live contact with their pupils. They've really been amazing and I can't give enough praise. Thanks GHPS."

Faye Winfield: "Year 1 and year 5 have been amazing, very supportive of the kids and parents. The teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure all are well catered for through zoom calls, live lessons, cooking tasks, model building, fun PE sessions etc all work has been marked by the teachers and feedback given with support when needed. Well done GHPS!"

Bridget Webb: "Great hollands primary, year 3 and 5/6 and the Sen team have gone above and beyond for our children. They have been working through it all and I wish I could show my appreciation to them as they have not only kept my children on track they have helped me stay sane."

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Leanne Cornwall-Tombs: "Year 4 amazing full day live teaching. Keeping the children intrested and learning and interactive. Fantastic and amazing."

Easthampstead Park School

Emma Swift Was Meyrick said: "Easthampstead Park school have been so supportive and approachable! Thank you all so much for your hard work!"

Rene Rastall: "Easthampstead Park Community School has been fabulous and offered the full timetable online with virtual wellbeing appointments for the parents and students. Thank you for all their hard work and support. My son loves/ed his remote learning but can't wait to get back to school!"

Holly Spring Primary School

Holly Spring Primary School - Facebook

Holly Spring Primary School - Facebook

Claire Hawkins: "100% both my daughters schools - Holly Spring Primary School and Brakenhale! They have been exceptional with their communication, support and in our case key worker places. Both of my girls have felt safe, happy and in these crazy times enjoyed continuing school. Thank you so much to these schools... we love you."

Joanna Croft: "Holly Spring Primary School have been great, my daughter has been going in throughout and they have kept the children engaged & she’s loved it. Well done to the whole team there."

Dean Jennings: "Holly Spring definitely deserves a shout out for their clear and consistent communication throughout the lockdown..A lovely school and the commitment shown to their students and parents is something they should be very proud of."

Cranbourne Primary School

Sarah Stone: "100% Mr Johnson from Cranbourne Primary School. Engages so well with the children via zoom. Takes the time to make virtual classes fun and interesting. Also fabulous with the parents, understanding their challenges too. We couldn’t ask for a better teacher."

Gemma Eaton: "Cranbourne! Mr Johnson the year 4 teacher is absolutely fantastic! He has done everything he can to make lessons fun and engaging, can’t fault the effort put in by him and the rest of the staff."


Brakenhale School

Brakenhale School

Sara Bertoux: "Brakenhale have been fantastic. "

Victoria M Walsh: "All the staff at Brakenhale. They have taken the time to call parents weekly and make sure the kids are going OK, have responded straight away with any concerns, excellent on line lessons . Cant thank them enough"

Jennifer Ashby said: "Brakenhale - really all the staff but especially: Mrs Coley, Mrs Gosling, Mr Bury and Mr Potter"

Tamelyn Goodall: "Mr C Maye from the Brakenhale school has been brilliant. He calls every week to keep me informed, help with any concerns and check how my son is doing, not only just with online learning but is genuinely interested in his wellbeing. He's been a life line of constant support for my son and kept him motivated and focused. He genuinely cares, teaches and helps. The best teacher ever."

Crown Wood Primary School

Claire Kilby: "A vote for Crown Wood please! The communication has been amazing. They have kept us updated so much throughout . The staff are all amazing and such a great Team. The learning resources that they have provided online has been amazing. My children have definitely improved so much whilst being homeschooled on their learning all thanks to them."

Carrie-Anne Carter: "Crown Wood most definitely. Headmaster excellent with communication and regular contact with teachers. My two have been in school as I’m a keyworker and they’ve put plans into place that could of waited but they pushed forward. If I emailed them I got an almost immediate response no matter the time of day."

Laura Cox: "Crown wood have been amazing. The communication and support fab."

Kings Academy Binfield

Kings Academy Binfield

Kings Academy Binfield

Becki Carey: "Kings Academy Binfield have been absolutely fantastic. Kept us informed, kept all the children engaged. I honestly can’t sing their praises enough. Especially my daughters nursery teacher Miss Allen she is a real superstar ⭐️ the support staff are second to none too, honestly so impressed."

Riddhi Lukha: "King’s Academy Binfield have been absolutely incredible! Year 1 (Miss Kenney) and Nursery (Miss Allen) teachers have worked tirelessly to deliver 4 lessons a day for Year 1’s and 2 lessons a day for Nursery throughout lockdown! A massive thank you to them and all their support staff that make it happen!"

Hayley Adele: "Kings Academy in every way. Constant online lessons for primary and all day live lessons for secondary"

Sandhurst School

Fiona Cannon: "Mrs smith at Sandhurst School! Personally Kept in touch with families to make sure we was all ok. even offering to have my child personally on a bank holiday to ensure I could continue to go to work should I needed.

"Also twp teachers at Michaels Easthampstead whom personal hand delivered work for my sons, checked I had everything I need and kept in contact when I was unfortunately unwell myself with covid! They have all been amazing but these three stick out for me."

Donna Hart: "Sandhurst school have blown my socks off with the amount of help, support and teaching that has been going on. They have worked so hard."

The Pines School

Tracy Ann Bright: "The Pines school has been amazing with zoom ,then MS Team. All children had contact with teachers daily,as much books to read and maths games to keep them busy.

"Mrs Davis and her team of teachers should be very proud."

Sam Mitchell: "Loved all the amazing videos the school staff at The Pines school done during the first lockdown, was really uplifting when we needed it. During this lockdown, daily support for the children from the teachers and teams meeting. Special thank you to the year 5/6 staff."

Amy Ayres: "Mr Casella, Mrs Crocker, Mrs Lansley & The senco at The Pines"

New Scotland Hill Primary School

New Scotland Hill

New Scotland Hill

Pooja Chauhan: "New Scotland Hill Primary School have done amazing job. All the teachers and head teacher have worked hard and did fabulous job."

Kate Markwell: "New Scotland hill school have been amazing they have gone above and beyond..." Harmans Water Primary School

Carly Southon: "Harmans water primary school been doing brilliantly with the children. Mine are year 2 and year 4

Hayley Bee: "Harmans water have been amazing! Clear instructions, live classes and a really good online learning system. All whilst they’ve still had children in the school. Great job!"


Emma Barnard: "The teachers at Ranelagh have been fantastic with my Daughter, very supportive and encouraging. She can’t wait until she can physically go back to school." Birch Hill Primary School

Angela Moore: "Birch Hill primary..have been absolutely amazing..gone above and beyond! Can’t thank them and praise them enough. Our boys are so blessed to belong to such a school community"

Hayley Murphy: "I really don’t think the kids learning could have been any better for us"

Ascot Heath Primary School

Ascot Heath Primary School

Ascot Heath Primary School

Amaani Vega: "Ascot Heath Primary School - absolutely brilliant during this lockdown, 👏 thank you Mrs Bradley, all the staff, support staff and everyone behind the scenes

"Your live lessons via teams were amazing, so well coordinated and executed, as were all events and activities - my daughter and I can’t thank you all enough."

Lisa Randall: "Ascot Heath Primary live lessons everyday via teams as a teacher and a member of staff all the teachers have been amazing and have worked extremely hard."

St Michaels Easthampstead

Kat Redford: "St . Michaels Easthampstead .They have looked after my youngest 3 throughout as I have worked as a carer . They are only a small school so have done fantastic to juggle keyworker children and provide home learning. All the teachers and support staff are fantastic and always smiling . Thankyou for everything"

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Teigh Mitchelson: "St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School! All staff have always gone above and beyond to support the children, especially Mrs Gallagher year r teacher who has given up more of her time to give extra support to children that need extra help!"

Wildmoor Heath

Andrea Winks: "Looks like we're really lucky in Bracknell Forest!!

"Wildmoor Heath Staff have been very supportive during this lock down as they were last March. They were fantastic in September on return to school and kept the children safe whilst also trying to maintain some normality for the children.

"How teachers and support staff have delivered ademedic work, emotional support whilst looking after their families and dealing with illnesses has just been amazing. Wildmoor is a single form intake and I feel lucky were part of this school.

"Thankyou to ALL school staff, teaching and support, across the country!!"

Wooden Hill School

Emma Swift Was Meyrick: "Woodenhill school have been great! So supportive! The year 6 staff in particular. Thank you for all your hard work - and to those behind the scenes as well!"

St Crispins School

Rachel Elewe: "It’s two schools for me St Crispins School have been fantastic in providing online lessons & support for my daughter & Ranelagh for support during A-level year. They both can’t wait to get back to school. I think teachers have done an amazing job during these times."

Jennetts Park School

Marie Manthorpe: "Jennetts Park School-the support from all of the staff has been absolutely amazing to both the children and parents!!"

Claire Tootill: "Jennett’s Park have gone above and beyond to support the kids. We’ve had check ins, live lessons, virtual playgrounds, fun challenges and they’ve tried so hard to make lessons fun. They even managed a virtual school trip for year 2!"

Owlsmoor Primary School

Allison Martin: "Staff at Owlsmoor Primary School have been amazing. They’ve worked hard to provide home learning whilst teaching a lot of key worker children still in school. A very big thanks to them from all the parents!"