WASTE recycling bags are being delivered to homes in Wokingham, starting from today.

The velcro-seal bags will be used to replace the current black boxes, which are used by Wokingham residents to hold recyclable waste such as plastic bottles and cardboard.

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Each household will receive two bags at first, which are intended for recycling waste - the use of bags is to ensure recyclable waste does not get wet, and therefore cannot be recycled, which was a problem with the previous open-topped black boxes.

Pic by Pauline Jorgensen

Pic by Pauline Jorgensen

Cllr Pauline Jorgensen, Executive member for Highways and Transport, said: "Our delivery crews will begin to drop the waterproof recycling bags on doorsteps across the borough on Monday, February 22.

"Each household will get two bags initially and you can start using them as soon as you get them.

"We are replacing the black recycling boxes with sealable waterproof recycling bags to ensure the paper and card you put out for recycling stays dry.

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"Changes in the recycling market means there are new standards and paper reprocessing plants no longer accept wet materials.

"Remember the delivery will also include 80 blue general waste bags and about 100 food waste caddy liners."

For more information on when you should receive your waste bags, visit wokingham.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/blue-bin-bags/annual-bin-bag-delivery/.