BIG changes have finally been revealed for the town after Sainsbury's announced it's departure from Princess Square.

But residents seem far from excited about the stores replacing the shopping centre's only supermarket.

On Monday, February 15, it was revealed that Sports Direct will be taking over the Sainsbury's retail unit in Princess Square.

The brand Evans Cycles which sells clothing and accessories for cyclists will also move into the unit as well as GAME.

The new store is part of the retail giants new strategy to combine lifestyle brands with sports.

PICTURED: Sports Direct logo - PA

PICTURED: Sports Direct logo - PA

We asked our readers whether they are happy to see Sports Direct open in Princess Square – this is what you guys said.

Daniel Kelly said: "I’d say a Sainsbury’s for the old folk that shopped there was much handier."

Sheila Ashton said: "No please not another sports shop!!!! It was perfect for shoppers when it was Sainsbury's, maybe they should listen to what the people want"

Lisa Jane echoed this view and said: "Why dont you listen to what your residents would like..After all these are the reason the town is financed."

Margaret Ericsson said: "Disappointed that another sports wear shop is moving in. This spot is so convenient for the bus station, that it begs for a supermarket of some kind."

Rach Winter Yeow said: "I would have loved B&M to have come to Bracknell."

Lorraine Horner added: "I think the town does need a small supermarket for those that have to come in by bus. Not everyone has transport to the larger stores. I was in hope for a lidl or asda." One resident seems more excited about Wimpy opening, David Adams said: "I don’t care we got one of them already just tell me when Wimpy is opening!"